The NCI at Frederick, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), offers many exciting career and opportunities for scientists and biotechnology professionals. The NCI is also strongly committed to training future cancer researchers and offers numerous post-doctoral and pre-doctoral fellowship positions. This training commitment extends even further—We have also established internship programs for college and high-school students who are interested in biomedical research. To learn more about career and training opportunities at NIH and NCI, check out the links below.

NCI Postdoctoral Fellowships

There are several websites that provide information on NCI postdoctoral fellowships, including:

The NCI’s Center for Cancer Research (CCR), a major component of the NCI’s Intramural Program, provides detailed information on postdoctoral fellowship award programs and lists current openings for postdoctoral positions. CCR offers top-quality training opportunities in basic cancer, AIDS, and clinical research and has programs located both in Bethesda and at the NCI at Frederick.

For information on other fellowship and intern programs sponsored by NCI, visit NCI Fellowships and Internships.

NCI Student Programs

The NCI offers programs to students at all levels—from high school through college and beyond. Information specific to NCI’s Frederick campus can be found here; programs include the Cancer Research Training Award (high school through graduate school students), the Werner H. Kirsten Student Program (for Frederick and Washington County high school seniors), and the Undergraduate Intern Program (junior- or senior-year college students).

NCI/NIH Positions

The NIH Research and Training Opportunities website is a wealth of information on all NIH research and training opportunities, including NCI-sponsored training as well as programs sponsored by NIH’s other 19 institutes. Check out the new NIH Postdoctoral Search Engine.

New and Creative ways of Promoting NIH Jobs

The NIH Office of Human Resources (OHR) is pleased to announce two new and creative ways that we are recruiting new employees to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Mid-Atlantic Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (MA-HERC). The MA-HERC website allows dual career families to search for employment opportunities by institution or region and view the results side-by-side. For more information on the MA-HERC, visit the MA-HERC website at MA-HERC.

The NIH OHR has recently launched a job search engine on the Jobs at NIH website Jobs @ NIH. With the new search engine job seekers will be able to find the majority of NIH positions in one search, so that finally, job searchers can see a full listing of NIH opportunities in one place!

All of the major NIH job repositories are included in the search engine and other smaller repositories are being added each month. Currently a job search will run against the following sources:

Contractors at the NCI at Frederick

Contractors offer many career positions in fields such as biomedical proteomics; protein chemistry and expression; image analysis; computer and statistical support; animal health and diagnostics; facilities maintenance and engineering; and scientific library services. Visit the links below for specific information on positions available within each company.