Buyers in Purchasing are cross-trained in each commodity area; however, a lead buyer has been designated for your ease in contacting the Purchasing Department.

Note: The buyer’s name will appear in the Header Information of the PR in CostPoint once the PR has been assigned.

You may also call the appropriate supervisor.

Questions Contact
*Customer Service
*General Questions
Rosemary Dawson, x5820 or x1130
Animals Jean Eyler, x6191
Blanket Order Releases Rosemary Dawson, x5820
Joyce Shelton, x7043
Blanket Purchase Agreements Nancy Mayo, x5167
Capital Equipment Shelly Hollinger, x1220
Computer Hardware Daryl Smith, x1285
Computers Daryl Smith, x1285
Computer Supplies Daryl Smith, x1285
Conference Contracts Debi Hogarty, x1127
Controlled Drugs Lisa Anders, x5913
Copiers Shelly Hollinger, x1220
COR360 Credit Card/Blanket Process Joyce Shelton, x7043
Rosemary Dawson, x5820
Credit Card / Bank Issues Cindy Farling, x5415
Credit Card / COR360 Issues Cindy Farling, x5415
Distributive Entry PR's Diane Pearson, x1708
Equipment Repairs Tammy Ovejera, x1706
Equipment Maintenance Agreements Tim Lenhart, x5642
Fetal Bovine Sera Lisa Anders, x5913
Fleet Judy Bowie, x5512
Furniture Chuck Gartner, x7458
Gases Bulk and Cylinder Alan Pernatin, x1701
Lab Supplies Lisa Anders, x5913
Loan of Equipment from Vendor Shelly Hollinger, x1220
Office Products Keifford Jackson, x5139
Oligos Andrea Turner, x1702
Peptides Andrea Turner, x1702
Radioisotopes Keifford Jackson, x5139
Repairs, Equipment Tammy Ovejera, x1706
Safety Footwear/Eyeware Nancy Mayo, x5167
Software Licenses Daryl Smith, x1285
Software Support Traci Kenney, x7455
Subscription Agency Andrea Turner, x1702
Thomas Scientific Supplies Contract Nancy Mayo, x5167
Trade-Ins Hope Troxell, x5329
Uniforms Nancy Mayo, x5167
Vehicles Chuck Gartner, x7458
VWR Scientific Supplies Contract Nancy Mayo, x5167
Wireless Equipment & Services
(Androids, BlackBerrys, Smartphones, Pagers, Modems/Aircards)
Jeannie Hilderbrand, x1716
Rosemary Dawson, x5820