All laptops and desktop computers (PC and Mac) must be requisitioned on a Purchase Request. These computer systems are expressly prohibited from being ordered by program areas using the Credit Card or Blanket Order processes.

Purchase Requests must be accompanied by a quote from a Manufacturer's Government Website, when applicable. These sites ensure Trade Act compliance and Section 508 compliance in most cases. Please see links below. *


The change to NCI IT Equipment Acquisition and Delivery process notification from NCI applies to the OTS Contract. Therefore, IT equipment (desktops and laptops) must be submitted by Purchase Requisitions and will no longer be able to be purchased directly from vendors.

This process is required by the NIH Initial Security Configuration Policy (Dec 2008) to provide central purchase approval of all IT equipment to ensure it meets minimum security and set up configuration requirements.

Section 508 Compliance

All Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) procured, maintained, developed or used by the government should be 508 compliant including micro-purchases. If the most compliant product available is not chosen because of other critical factors such as security, undue burden (difficulty/expense), or agency mission; document accordingly.

Obtaining an E-quote for Dell Purchase Requests*

Below is the procedure for creating an e-quote on the Dell Federal Website. An e-quote is required as part of the Purchase Request specifically when building a desktop, laptop or server. To ensure the Purchasing Department orders exactly what is required an e-quote from the federal site must be attached to the Purchase Request.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Public Sector
  3. From drop down choose: Federal Government
  4. Choose Systems at Top; choose your system from drop down
  5. Customize your system; continue; review summary if needed
  6. Add to Cart
  7. Save as E-Quote (do not choose checkout)
  8. Fill in all "asterisked" information; continue
  9. The e-quote will automatically be emailed to you and can be attached to your PR or;
  10. Choose "view e-quote", "detail view" and Choose Print or Email
E-quotes are only valid for 30 days. Please make sure that you are attaching a valid e-quote.

* Links to manufacturer's government sites and Buy Accessible Wizard