All three OTS acquisitions departments have existing subcontracts and agreements for goods and services established for repetitive needs. These existing subcontracts and agreements are negotiated with vendors to establish "accounts" that allow faster ordering procedures and turn around time. While most of these existing subcontracts and agreements are issued by the Purchasing Department, they are also awarded by the Subcontracts Department for specific projects and programs.

Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

The Acquisitions Departments establish contracts with vendors for goods and services for a specific term, usually per contract year. Program Area staff trained in the blanket order program may then place orders directly with the vendor for the goods or services described on the BPA in accordance with the terms of the contract. The goods/services and any terms of the contract are listed in the comment section of the blanket order listing.

Existing BPAs. For a list of existing subcontracts or agreements issued by the Acquisitions Departments see and click on "Blanket Orders List." This list is continuously updated therefore note the date on the listing when using as a reference.

New BPA. A BPA can be established for departments having repetitive needs. A BPA can be awarded to a vendor establishing a contract for a specified statement of work for supplies or services. Authorization for making the actual individual purchases can be granted to the customer. Funds are not committed until the actual order (blanket release) is issued to the vendor.

Requests to establish a BPA may be submitted on an email and must contain the following information:

  1. Describe items or services needed, including manufacturer catalog numbers.
  2. Provide non-competitive justification or a list of suggested vendors
  3. Provide estimated annual dollar amount or estimated usage as currently anticipated
  4. Provide contact person, phone, e-mail information for questions

Program area personnel receive training provided by the Purchasing Department allowing end users to place non-complex orders. Two mechanisms are the blanket purchase orders and credit cards.

Blanket Purchase Orders and Credit Cards: Authorized customers may place orders against existing contracts and other agreements or make buys with a credit card. To obtain authority to issue orders or obtain a credit card see the Who to Call List. The Blanket Order and Credit card are available for your review prior to training.

Payment of Fees / Direct Payments: A Direct Payment mechanism is administered by the Accounts Payable Department for payment of fees, such as membership fees, etc. Since these payments are not procurements, a purchase request is not the appropriate mechanism. The Direct Payment form and procedure is available at