The technical customer is responsible for supporting the buying activity in maintaining good stewardship of federal funds. In so doing, the technical customer is expected to provide the appropriate information and participation to ensure that procurements are conducted with integrity, fairness and in the best interest of the Government.

Avoiding Improper Business Practices

Customers must be careful to avoid improper business practices by not ordering supplies or services if not authorized to do so, ordering only mission related items, and being careful to protect sensitive information. Please read the following carefully. Any questions on the following two issues should be directed to any Acquisition Manager.

Unauthorized Procurements

Only authorized personnel acting within the scope of their authority may enter into a contractual commitment with a vendor or subcontractor. Because of the seriousness of unauthorized personnel committing funds on behalf of NCI, procedures explaining the circumstances of the event and procedures to prevent reoccurrence have been established. Unauthorized commitments may be cause for disciplinary action for the person lacking the authority to commit funds as well as being responsible for reimbursing the vendor or subcontractor.

Procurement Integrity and No Conflicts of Interest

Disclosure of source selection information, business proposals and/or financial information of offerors to unauthorized parties is strictly prohibited. Anyone participating in the procurement process must refrain from any private business or professional activity that would conflict between their private interests and their legal ethical responsibilities while participating in procurement activities.