National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR) - Spring Research Festival 2014
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Judging Criteria

Below you will find the documents necessary for you to correctly score all of your assigned posters.

If you judge a poster by a student for the 2014 Spring Research Festival, we encourage you to follow the below guidelines to ensure the most productive outcome. This guidance is intended to ensure that students learn the most from their experience of presenting a poster at the festival.

  1. Students are to be personally interviewed about their posters. They should be asked in some depth about the research they are presenting. Note: this is not required or expected for any other posters presented at the Spring Research Festival.
  2. Feedback about the poster itself should be provided directly to the student. You are not requested to directly comment on the science behind the poster (although constructive ideas are always welcome), rather we want students to get feedback on their general poster presentation (e.g. is it too crowded with data, is the abstract too long, is it lacking conclusions, etc).

Score Sheet

This document will allow you to record your scores while in the Spring Research Festival Tent so that you can later input your results into the online system. Please print one score sheet per assigned poster and be prepared to judge a Poster Presenters work during the allotted time. This will ensure that all posters get scored in a timely manner and the process runs smoothly. Thank you for your participation.

Judges must submit scores by Friday, May 16th.

Judging Criteria

This document describes the criteria that all Judges will use in determining a Poster Presenters score. Please review this document before judging any posters. We suggest you print out a copy for yourself to have on hand while judging posters in the event that you are unsure how to score a particular poster.

Note: Due to the number of posters, poster presenters should not expect to be personally interviewed by the judges, unless they are a student.

If you have questions, please contact Andrea Frydl (301-846-5382 or