National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR) - Spring Research Festival 2014
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Poster ID Title Registrant Agency Date Presenting
AEB1 Canada thistle rust: Green, effective and economical biological weed control Emily Smallwood USDA-ARS 5/7/2014
AEB2 Creating the Willing Worker: Establishment of a NHP Operant Conditioning Program for Biocontainment Stacey Miller NBACC 5/7/2014
AEB3 Colonization of Pyracantha formosa fruit by Phytophthora ramorum and infection of Viburnum tinus roots Paul Tooley USDA-ARS 5/7/2014
AEB4 Differential response of Japanese stiltgrass accessions to isolates of Bipolaris microstegii and B. drechsleri William Bruckart USDA-ARS 5/8/2014
AEB5 Septoria lepidii, causes destructive leaf spot of whitetop (Lepidium draba) and is a potential biological control of this weed” Craig Cavin USDA-ARS 5/8/2014
AEB6 Cardiomyopothy Esther Shafer NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
AEB7 Evaluation of Potential Mechanisms of B. pseudomallei Environmental Persistence Reese Baker USAMRIID 5/8/2014
BMB1 NCWS 360 Monica Gouzoulis NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
BMB2 Nucleotide-dependent interactions of the K-Ras4B hypervariable region (HVR) with Ras active site Hyunbum Jang NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
BMB3 Modulation of Histone Acetylation by Metabolic Acyl-CoA Cofactors Alex Sorum NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
BMB4 Assessing Protein Binding to Nanoparticles using Spectroscopic Methods Chris McLeland NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
BMB6 Misincorporation Promotes Transcriptional Slippage Charlotte Choi NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
BMB7 A metabolomics analysis of phorbol ester-induced PMN activation Douglas Kuhns NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
BMB8 Characterization of Parkin E3 Ligase Activity Sam Giannakoulias NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
BMB9 Characterization of Rpb1 Mutants derived from Ade6 Slippage assay Deanna Gotte NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB1 Development of a mouse model to treat T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Emilee Senkevitch NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB2 Functional analysis of a BRCA2 mutation linked to Fanconi Anemia using a knock-in mouse model. Melissa Glover NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB3 Identification and Validation of mutations in the PIK3CA gene of cervical cancer patients from Guatemala and Venezuala Maria Rodriguez Herrera NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB4 C/EBPdelta links hypoxia and inflammation to the promotion of cancer stem cell characteristics and is a target for HDAC inhibitors Balamurugan Kuppusamy NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB5 Protein complexes in cancer: optimization of methods for thru analysis Sarah Ward NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB6 Identification of novel BRCA2 genetic interactors in tumorigenesis Xia Ding NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB7 Identifying Genetic Interactors of BRCA2 Hanna Marks NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB8 Pancreatic Cancer and Autophagy Chris McLeland NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB9 C/EBPdelta Is a Candidate Tumor Suppressor in ER+ Breast Cancer Daniel Mendoza Villanueva NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB10 In-depth Mapping of the Cell Surface Glycoproteome of Cancer Cells Xiaoying Ye NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB11 Identifying Components of a Novel 3'UTR Regulatory Mechanism Jacqueline Salotti NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB12 Withanolide E sensitizes human renal cancer cells to TRAIL mediated apoptosis by reducing cFLIP Alan Brooks NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB13 KRAS Silent Mutations May Lead to a Tumorigenic Phenotype Andrew Waters NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CB14 Development of anchorage-independence assays to integrate genomics and phenotypic cell line characteristics Matt Bess NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB15 Identification of a positive feedback loop between IL-6/STAT3 and C/EBPd signaling Swathi Penumutchu NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CB17 Jamming Cancer's Super-RAS Highway: Disrupting Oncogenic Signaling Through Inhibition of RAS Localization Priya Stepp NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CR1 Reduced Anti-Müllerian Hormone levels in young females with cervical cancer Martha Sklavos NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
CR2 Integrated Strategic Project Management Framework (ISPMF): Achieving Program Success by Optimizing Resources in Clinical Research Jiwan Giri NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CR3 Comparison of the Luminex 100, Luminex 200 and FlexMap 3D in the detection of cytokines in human serum Gloriana Shelton NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CR4 Measuring Progress in Implementing NCI Biospecimen Best Practice Guidelines: Experiences of Community Cancer Centers Angela Carrigan NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
CR5 Transitioning from Paper to Electronic Format: Lessons Learned from Regulatory eCTD Submissions Leah Giambarresi NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DCB1 Brachyury/T knockdown in developing notochord reveals that T is necessary for cell fate, but not survival or proliferation and has implications for T as a therapeutic target in neoplasia Jianjian Zhu NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DCB2 ssSPTa is critical for hematopoietic cell development Jing Lin NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DCB3 DNA hypomethylation in Lsh-/- MEFs is associated with de novo H3K4me1 formation Wales Yu NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DCB4 Lsh, a chromatin remodeling protein, is required for ATP-dependent de novo DNA methylation of endogenous retroviruses in murine embryonic stem cells Jianke Ren NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DCB5 Stat3 signaling modulates the osteochondro transcription factor Sox9 in vivo to influence endochondral ossification and is important in the pathology of campomelic dysplasia Michael Hall NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DCB6 Cre mediateddeletion of C/EBPdelta expression in macrophages Shikha Sharan NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DCB7 Exploring the role of FGF's as cell survival factors Matthew Anderson NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DCB8 Interdigit BMP signaling directly regulates programmed cell death during mouse limb development Maria Kaltcheva NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DCB9 5’Hoxd genes regulate an evolutionary shift in development of the primary limb axis Bau-Lin Huang NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DCB10 Determining the molecular role of the interaction between Hoxd13 and Gli3 in digit formation Anna Trofka NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DCB11 Noggin/BMP role in Turing Mechanism determining limb patterning Ravi Doshi NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DD1 Identification of Proteins in Rathayibacter toxicus Jaclyn Blanc USDA-ARS 5/8/2014
DD2 Direct Detection of Green Fluorescent Protein in Histological Preparations of Recombinant Vaccinia Virus in Mice Cassandra Lyons NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
DD3 Protective Antigen Detection using Electrochemiluminescence (Meso Scale Discovery PR-2 platform) Jason Quizon USAMRIID 5/8/2014
DD4 Use of InDevR ampliPHOX® Colorimetric Detection Technology and Custom Low-Density Macroarrays for the Differentiation of Burkholderia mallei and Burkholderia pseudomallei Laurie Hartman USAMRIID 5/8/2014
DD5 Signature Control:The Benefit of Preventing a False Positive in Bioforensic Analyses Jennifer Goodrich NBACC 5/7/2014
DD6 In vitro neutralization assay for detection of biological active anti-HPV L2 antibodies Ken Matsui NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DD7 A Cellular Impedance based Human iPSC-cardiomyocyte Model to Screen for Cardiotoxicity Mike Furniss NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DD8 Chemotherapeutic Class-Specific Neurotoxic Effects on Rat DRG Cells Using High-Content Analysis John Hamre NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DD9 Method Comparison of Versant 2.0 LiPA HCV Genotyping assay and Abbott RealTime HCV Genotyping assay Helene Highbarger NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
DD10 Development of a functional qPCR assay to titer lentiviral vectors Seth Reid NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
DD11 Development of a short tandem repeat detection assay for Non-human primate sample authentication Allison Meade NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
ET1 The Road to Developing NCI Technology: The TTC Marketing Group as your Guide Jasmine Yang NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
ET2 Pulling Back the Curtain: The NCI Technology Transfer Center Karen Surabian NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
ET3 Studies on Encapsulation of Photodynamic Anticancer Agents, Chlorin e6 and HPPH in Photoactivable “Pocket” Liposomes Containing DC8,9PC Derek Thayer NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
ET4 Development of an Imaging Probe for Molecular Imaging of Ebolavirus Julie Dyall NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
ET6 Targeting macrophages: biodistribution and elimination of iodine-based agent N1177 in non-human primates assessed by CT imaging Svetlana Chefer NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
ET7 Using the advantages of Minicircle DNA in Mammalian Cells Anna Trivett NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
ET8 Automated Analysis Tool for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on Gene Positioning Saadia Iftikhar NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
ET9 Analysis of F-actin in micropatterned cells treated with a candidate anti-cancer drug Stephen Lockett NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
GE1 Fecal meta-genomic & -transcriptomic associations with fecal enzymes and estrone Guoqin Yu NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
GE2 Detection and localization of recombination breakpoints in sequences simulating a rat backcross genome James Lautenberger NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
GE3 PCPD: Combining clinical data for increased power in association studies George Nelson NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
I1 Very Low Avidity Endogenous Memory CD8+ T Cells Control Tumor Growth Katie Stagliano NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I2 Investigation of Thy1.1 expression in very low avidity CD8+ T cells Troy Shuman NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I3 Phenotypic and Functional Comparison of CD8+ Memory Cells Avilash Das NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
I4 siRNA enhances DNA-mediated interferon lambda-1 response through crosstalk between RIG-I and IFI16 Signalling Pathway Hongyan Sui NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
I5 Role of B cells in Oncogene driven models of liver cancer Scott Roan NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I6 Characterization of Cellular Response and Innate Immune Signaling to Burkholderia mallei Exposure of Primary Mononuclear Cells of Non-human Primates and Humans M.M Alam USAMRIID 5/8/2014
I7 Adoptive Transfer of Genetically Engineered SIV-Specific T Cells  Reduces the Number of SIV Founder Viruses in Rhesus Macaques Victor Ayala NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I8 TNFR2 expression by CD4 effector T cells is required to induce full-fledged experimental colitis Xin Chen NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I9 Human antibody responses to the polyclonal Dryvax vaccine for smallpox prevention can be distinguished from responses to the monoclonal replacement vaccine ACAM2000 Christine Pugh USAMRIID 5/7/2014
I10 IL-15 Heterodimer DNA Delivery in Rhesus Macaques Results in Systemic Level of Bioactive Cytokine and Induces Proliferation of NK and T Cells Comparable to IL-15 Heterodimer Protein Administration Cristina Bergamaschi NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
I11 p40phox Chronic Granulomatous Disease--The Paradox of Diagnostics Debra Long-Priel NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I12 Approaches for Identifying Humoral Responses to HIV Infection: It's Complicated Shea Wright NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
I13 Cloning and Transfer of MHC class II Restricted SIV GAG specific T cell receptors into autologous CD4+ T cells Matthew Trivett NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
I14 454 Sequence Analysis of Human Antibody Repertoires Prabakaran Ponraj NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I15 Peripheral T follicular helper cells: A marker of vaccine immunogenicity and protection? Troy Kemp NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I16 IL-15Ra affects the generation of immune responses upon dendritic cell-based vaccine Jinyao Li NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
I17 Virus-specific CD4+ T cells expressing cross-species TRIM 5-alpha genes restrict SIV infection Sumiti Jain NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
IN1 ALDsuite: Inference of local admixture and its association with disease Randall Johnson NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
IN2 Pipeline for automated preliminary analysis of microbiome data Kira Vasquez NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
IN3 mirnaTA: a bioinformatics tool for identifying significant microRNAs in temporal studies using Normal Quantile Transformation (NQT) Regina Cer NMRC 5/8/2014
IN4 Complete Genome Assembly with Long Reads Adam Phillippy NBACC 5/8/2014
IN5 Imaging and Biophysics Support for Cancer Research Yanling Liu NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
IN6 Parallelization of an AlgorithmFor Nucleotide Covariation Detection Richard Smith NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
IN7 Computational Detection of Long-range Nucleotide Covariation in Genomic Alignments Eckart Bindewald NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
IN8 Systems Biology Data Cube Uma Mudunuri NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
IN9 Tautomerism of warfarin: a theoretical study Laura Guasch Pamies NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
IP1 Proteomic Analysis of RAW 264.7 Mouse Macrophage Cells Infected with Burkholderia pseudomallei K96243 David DeShazer USAMRIID 5/7/2014
IP2 Using translational biomarker to monitor the disease progression of Influenza A virus in an animal model Ashok Chockalingam FDA 5/7/2014
IP3 Nonhuman Primate Animal Model Development Using Aerosolized Cowpox Virus Jordan Bohannon NIAID IRF 5/8/2014
IP4 Inhibition of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus replication by interferon-ß and mycophenolic acid Brit Hart NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
IP5 Standardization and Validation of the USAMRIID Neutral Red Plaque Assay for Measuring Marburg Virus Holly Bloomfield USAMRIID 5/7/2014
IP6 Identification of Host Immune Response to B. pseudomallei Biofilms James Lackemeyer USAMRIID 5/7/2014
IP7 Role of the Vpu-Interacting Protein STGA in Regulation of Tetherin and HIV-1 Release Megan Mounts NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
IP8 Smallpox Janine Bahsali NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
IP9 A Global Investigation of Host Response to Emerging and Re-emerging Viral Infections Britini Ork NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
IP10 Disinfectant Treatment following Germination of Bacillus anthracis and Bacillis thuringiensis as a Method of Decontamination Amanda Hill USAMRIID 5/8/2014
IP11 RPXV Viral Concentrations using RT-PCR in Tissues of Vaccinated New Zealand White Rabbits Virginia Livingston USAMRIID 5/7/2014
IP12 Characterization of Aerosolized Monkeypox Virus Exposure in Cynomolgus Macaques Utilizing Large Particle and a Combination of Small and Large Particle Aerosols Ondraya Frick USAMRIID 5/7/2014
IP13 Ebola virus VP35 phosphorylation and its role in the viral lifecycle Mia Kumar NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
SBC1 Bicyclic 4-Amino-1-hydroxy-2-oxo-1,8-naphthyridine-containing Compounds Having High Potency Against Raltegravir-Resistant Integrase Mutants of HIV-1 Xue Zhi Zhao NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC2 A High Resolution Crystal Structure of the PTP epsilon Catalytic Phosphatase Domain, a Potential Anti-cancer Drug Target George Lountos NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC3 Triggering RNA Interference with RNA, RNA-DNA, and DNA-RNA Nanoparticles Jen Hofmann NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
SBC4 Chemoproteomic Profiling of Lysine Acetyltransferases David Montgomery NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC5 Discovery of a Near-IR Photorelease Technique for Targeted Drug Delivery Alexander Gorka NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC6 Major chemical constituents of geopropolis from Melipona scutellaris Marcos da Cunha NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
SBC7 E2 Conjugation Enzyme Profiling and Ubc9 Inhibitor Discovery Alani Johnson NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC8 The Application of Computational Coarse-Grained Methods for Assessing RNA Dynamics Adrian Davey NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC9 RNA Polymerase Recycling during Transcription Smita Kakar NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SBC10 Modeling-Informed Determination of RNA Functional Structures in the 3' UTRs of Plant Viruses Wojciech Kasprzak NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
SS1 Optical Microscopy and Analysis Laboratory Kim Peifley NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SS2 Alternative Fixation Procedures for the Inactivation and Preservation of Dry, Bioforensic Samples for Examination by Electron Microsopy Robert Pope NBACC 5/7/2014
SS3 Take Your Child To Work Day Emily smallwood USDA-ARS 5/7/2014
SS4 “Isolation of high quality RNA from normal and diseased mouse pancreas: development of reliable protocol for next generation RNA sequencing and molecular signature analysis” Yelena Golubeva NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SS5 Biophysics Resource in the Structural Biophysics Laboratory, CCR, NCI – an effective and flexible model of biophysical support Marzena Dyba NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
SS6 Sample processing and immunological testing support services provided by the Clinical Services Program Anatoli Malyguine NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
SS7 Laboratory Animal Sciences Program: Providing Translational Support Through Integrated Services Larry Sternberg NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
SS8 Sample to Science: Bioinformatics Analysis, Development and Support Eric Stahlberg NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
TDD1 Developing a Series of Amino-Hydroxylnaphthyridines as Potential Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors (INSTIs) Steven Smith NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
TDD2 Identification of broad-spectrum therapeutics against filoviruses Lisa DeWald USAMRIID 5/7/2014
TDD3 Photo Activation of HPPH Encapsulated in “Pocket” Liposomes Triggers Multiple Drug Release and Tumor Cell Killing in Mouse Breast Cancer Xenografts. Anu Puri NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
TDD4 ß-hairpin Forming Cell Penetrating Peptides as Novel Nucleic Acid Carriers for RNA Interference in Cancer Cells Kshitij Gupta NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014
TDD5 Development and characterization of a cell based assay for the validation of mutant IDH1 inhibitors Nicole Fer NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
TDD6 Necropsy and Histology Protocols for Handling Rodents Treated with Nanoparticles Diana Haines NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
TDD7 Improved Strategy of Adoptive Cell Based Immunotherapy for Melanoma by Using mIL-15Ra-expressing CD8+ T Cells Sinnie Ng NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
VGT1 Evaluation of Murine Immune Responses to Improved Bivalent Vaccines against Rabies Virus and Ebola Viruses Amy Papaneri NIAID IRF 5/7/2014
VGT2 Membrane-anchored HIV gp120, a DNA vaccine candidate to improve immunogenicity Rami Doueiri NCI at Frederick 5/7/2014
VGT3 A novel minimal T-cell immunogen designed to cover beneficial viral targets associated with in vivo control of HIV-1 is broadly immunogenic in mice and rhesus macaques Xintao Hu NCI at Frederick 5/8/2014


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AEB Applied and Environmental Biology
BMB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
CB Cancer Biology
CL Clinical Research
DD Detection and Diagnostics
DCB Developmental and Cell Biology
ET Emerging Technologies
GE Genetics and Epidemiology
I Immunology
IP Infectious Pathogens
IN Informatics
SCS Scientific Core Services (Not Judged)
SBC Structural Biology & Chemistry
TDD Therapeutics and Drug Delivery
VGT Vaccines and Gene Therapy