National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR) - Spring Research Festival 2014
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2014 Spring Research Festival Scientific Presentation Award Winners!

The organizers and all of the judges of the NICBR 2014 Research Symposium want to congratulate you for winning a top presentation award. These awards are based on scientific merit, methodology, originality, and clarity of the oral presentation or poster presentation. They are highly competitive so achieving this distinction is something you can be quite proud of. Your presentation contributed to the success of the Spring Research Festival and we thank you for your hard work and dedication to this event.

Award Ceremony on JULY 2, 2014 in Building 549, Auditorium from 10:30 – 11:00 am.

Awardees will be congratulated by senior leadership from their agency. Please support your colleagues by attending this important event.

Best NICBR Collaborative Publication

Dr. Shannon L. Taylor, USAMRIID and Dr. Victoria Wahl-Jensen, formerly NIAID, now NBACC. Endothelial cell permeability during Hantavirus infection involves Factor XII-dependent increased activation of the Kellikrein-Kinin system. PLOS Pathogens. 2013; 9 (7), p 1-13.

Science Symposium Awardees

Ms. Jackie Blanc, USDA-ARS. Genomic and Proteomic Characterization of Rathayibacter toxicus.

Dr. Balamurugan Kuppusamy, NCI. C/EBPdelta Links Hypoxia and Inflammation to the Promotion of Cancer Stem Cell Characteristics and is a Target for HDAC Inhibitors.

Dr. Elaine Morazzani, USAMRIID. Characterization of Humoral and Cell-mediated Immune Responses to Gamma-irradiated V3526 Vaccine Candidate.

Poster Awardees

Poster ID Title Registrant Agency
AEB1 Canada thistle rust: Green, effective and economical biological weed control Emily Smallwood USDA-ARS
AEB3 Colonization of Pyracantha formosa fruit by Phytophthora ramorum and infection of Viburnum tinus roots Paul Tooley USDA-ARS
BMB3 Modulation of Histone Acetylation by Metabolic Acyl-CoA Cofactors Alex Sorum NCI at Frederick
BMB6 Misincorporation Promotes Transcriptional Slippage Charlotte Choi NCI at Frederick
CB14 Development of anchorage-independence assays to integrate genomics and phenotypic cell line characteristics Matt Bess NCI at Frederick
CB4 C/EBPdelta links hypoxia and inflammation to the promotion of cancer stem cell characteristics and is a target for HDAC inhibitors Balamurugan Kuppusamy NCI at Frederick
CR1 Reduced Anti-Müllerian Hormone levels in young females with cervical cancer Martha Sklavos NCI at Frederick
CR3 Comparison of the Luminex 100, Luminex 200 and FlexMap 3D in the detection of cytokines in human serum Gloriana Shelton NCI at Frederick
DCB7 Exploring the role of FGF's as cell survival factors Matthew Anderson NCI at Frederick
DCB8 Interdigit BMP signaling directly regulates programmed cell death during mouse limb development Maria Kaltcheva NCI at Frederick
DD2 Direct Detection of Green Fluorescent Protein in Histological Preparations of Recombinant Vaccinia Virus in Mice Cassandra Lyons NIAID IRF
DD5 Signature Control: The Benefit of Preventing a False Positive in Bioforensic Analyses Jennifer Goodrich NBACC
ET6 Targeting macrophages: biodistribution and elimination of iodine-based agent N1177 in non-human primates assessed by CT imaging Svetlana Chefer NIAID IRF
ET8 Automated Analysis Tool for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on Gene Positioning Saadia Iftikhar NCI at Frederick
GE2 Detection and localization of recombination breakpoints in sequences simulating a rat backcross genome James Lautenberger NCI at Frederick
I10 IL-15 Heterodimer DNA Delivery in Rhesus Macaques Results in Systemic Level of Bioactive Cytokine and Induces Proliferation of NK and T Cells Comparable to IL-15 Heterodimer Protein Administration Cristina Bergamaschi NCI at Frederick
I12 Approaches for Identifying Humoral Responses to HIV Infection: It's Complicated Shea Wright NCI at Frederick
I7 Adoptive Transfer of Genetically Engineered SIV-Specific T Cells Reduces the Number of SIV Founder Viruses in Rhesus Macaques Victor Ayala NCI at Frederick
IN8 Systems Biology Data Cube Uma Mudunuri NCI at Frederick
IN9 Tautomerism of warfarin: a theoretical study Laura Guasch Pamies NCI at Frederick
IP4 Inhibition of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus replication by interferon-ß and mycophenolic acid Brit Hart NIAID IRF
IP7 Role of the Vpu-Interacting Protein STGA in Regulation of Tetherin and HIV-1 Release Megan Mounts NCI at Frederick
SBC2 A High Resolution Crystal Structure of the PTP epsilon Catalytic Phosphatase Domain, a Potential Anti-cancer Drug Target George Lountos NCI at Frederick
SBC10 Modeling-Informed Determination of RNA Functional Structures in the 3' UTRs of Plant Viruses Wojciech Kasprzak NCI at Frederick
TDD2 Identification of broad-spectrum therapeutics against filoviruses Lisa DeWald USAMRIID
TDD6 Necropsy and Histology Protocols for Handling Rodents Treated with Nanoparticles Diana Haines NCI at Frederick
VGT2 Membrane-anchored HIV gp120, a DNA vaccine candidate to improve immunogenicity Rami Doueiri NCI at Frederick