Guidelines for Modification of an Animal Study Proposal

The NFL-ACUC has developed the following question to be used by principal investigators and the committee to determine whether a new animal study proposal is warranted instead of a modification to an existing animal study proposal:

Has purpose or scientific rationale changed significantly from original intent as described in Part C of the animal study proposal form?

The following are examples of common changes to an animal study proposal which are considered acceptable as  modifications and may not require submission of a new animal study proposal:

Administrative Changes:

  1. Change in principal investigator
  2. Addition or change of personnel listed on the animal study proposal
  3. Change in the number of animals to be used (less than 5%)
  4. Addition of or change in the strains of animals
  5. Addition of or change in location where the animals will be housed

Significant Changes:

  1. Change in the number of animals to be used (greater than 5%)
  2. Modification of existing surgical procedures; a change from non-surgery to surgery; from minor to major surgery; from non-survival to survival surgery; or from single to multiple survival surgery
  3. A change which may involve an increase in the levels of pain, distress, and/or discomfort
  4. Change in anesthetic agent or in the use or withholding of analgesics
  5. Addition of or change in hazardous agents
  6. Change in method of euthanasia



NFL Animal Care and Use Committee - Issued 9/30/98, Revised 10/22/2003