Access LASP Services

The services of LASP laboratories and facilities may be accessed using the "Yellow Task Request System" and Accessions System. These web-based systems enable investigators to request services and obtain cost and time estimates for each project. NCI approval is an integral function of these processes, which ensures that adequate funding and other resources are available to perform the work.

For all LASP services, excluding Pathology/Histotechnology, select the Yellow Task Request System.

For Pathology/Histotechnology, select the Accessions System.

Histotechnology and Pathology Resources

PHL is the NCI core facility dedicated to providing comprehensive core pathology support to NCI investigators both in Frederick and Bethesda.

Examples of current turn-around times for PHL are provided for potential users; please click here. If these times are incompatible with your needs please contact us to discuss your project. Alternately, click here for a list of commercial laboratories.

The Veterinary Resources Program (VRP) located in Bethesda is also available to all NIH investigators, please contact them directly.

In Vivo Imaging

The Frederick National Lab Small Animal Imaging Program was established to provide NCI Investigators with a state-of-the-art In Vivo imaging facility. The objectives and mission of the SAIP are to provide a state-of-the-art "In Vivo" scientific, technical, and instrumental support including but not limited to: optical (bioluminescence and fluorescence), magnetic resonance (MR), X-ray computed tomography (CT), single photon emission tomography (SPECT), ultrasound, positron emission tomography (PET) imaging modalities, animal handling techniques, and image analysis.

LASP Animal Facility and ASP Online Access System

The online system provides investigators with an overview of active Animal Study Proposals (ASPs) including the following details: the ASP number, title, facility location, species, number of animals authorized for use, approval date, and expiration date in both Frederick and Bethesda. For NCI at Frederick, the online system also provides investigators with the total number of animals used, % usage, and PDF versions of their ASPs and Modifications. The online system also provides investigators with current animal inventory data in NCI at Frederick animal facilities. The goal is to promote communication between the facility and the investigative staff to ensure that records are properly maintained and to provide an online resource for investigators to make colony management decisions.