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  • hilton's Farm & Garden

    14437 lewisdale road Clarksburg MD 20871
    Contact: Tarra hilton
    Phone: 301-704-2418
    Product Name: produce and baked goods
    Product Description: 50+ variety of seasonal vegetables Handmade bird feeders and houses from recycled materials Baked goods
  • Bella's Bath & Body Works

    1201 Baker Place South #22 Frederick MD 21702
    Contact: Kim Louth
    Phone: 301-304-4642
    Product Name: Handmade all Natural soaps and Body Butters for Expecting MOM and NewBORNs
    Product Description: Bella's creates handmade soaps, body butters, belly balms, and deodorants with no chemicals or fragrances, only Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax. and Wheat Germ Oil.
  • Bobbie's bags

    12159 rosswood dr. monrovia MD 21770
    Contact: robin bockol
    Phone: 301-865-0678
    Product Name: hand made crafts
    Product Description: gift/multi-purpose hand sewn fabric bags
  • Bushdogs, LLC

    8379 Yellow Springs Road Frederick MD 21702
    Contact: Joanna Bushwaller
    Phone: 772-215-4379
    Product Name: Prepared Food
    Product Description: Cooked on premises- Maryland Crab Cake, Chesapeake Shrimp Salad, Charbroiled Bratwurst, Charbroiled Chorizo; sauerkraut and sautéed onions, House made White Corn Tortilla Chips And Fresh Salsa, Tropical Flavors~Southern Pound Cake, drinks
  • Domitila's Jewelry

    1839 Country Run Way Frederick MD 21702
    Contact: Domitila Ada Kaczmarczyk
    Phone: 301-662-1830
    Product Name: Crafts
    Product Description: Hand made designer Jewelry
  • Ecologia

    404 Delaware St Frederick MD 21701
    Contact: Michael Judd
    Phone: 240-344-5625
    Product Name: Fair trade crafts
    Product Description: Our fair trade crafts include ceramics, hard wood jewelry and coffee.
  • Handwoven Baskets & Florals

    1410 Hunting Horn Lane Frederick MD 21703
    Contact: Un Suk Gustafson
    Phone: 301-698-1510
    Product Name: Crafts
    Product Description: Handwoven colorful baskets and hand arranged silk flowers and wreaths. The baskets and the flower arrangements are one of a kind. Please come and look at my crafts. They will make you smile.
  • MyVersilles

    2189 Mountainview Dr. Frederick MD 21702
    Contact: Sergey Plisov
    Phone: 301-682-5813
    Product Name: Decorative fused glass
    Product Description: I am going to sell my own art items made of fused stained glass. These items include pendants, earrings, rings, decorative wall clocks, plates and wall panels.
  • Pappardelle's Pasta

    1 Donovan Ct Brunswick MD 21758
    Contact: Terri Winder
    Phone: 240-422-0211
    Product Name: Artisan pasta, sauces, oils
    Product Description: pasta made by hand by a small "mom and pop" company. Includes interesting flavors and gluten-free options. goal is to cross market with other vendors. visit website for more details: www.pappardellespasta.com
  • PB Design

    2504 hemingway drive 3b Frederick MD 21702
    Contact: Peggy Blaum
    Phone: 240-446-8036
    Product Name: Costume Jewelry
    Product Description: Unique costume jewelry one of a kind pieces. Some Jewelry repairs and customization are done as well. And new creations for special occasions or events. (Consultation with artisan for new creations.)
1 - 10 of 14 results