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E-mail account will be set-up by Administrative Resource Center personnel.

You must complete the Mandatory Information Security Awareness Training and submit a copy of your certificate of completion to your lab manager or secretary within the first 3 days of employment.

To have your computer set-up, borrow "site-licensed" software, or request other computer support contact Computer and Statistical Services (C&SS) at 301-846-5115. You can also submit service requests to C&SS via the web.

If you need assistance activating LAN port, contact the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC) Helpdesk at 301-846-5555 or via e-mail at

NIH Orientation

If you are a new NIH staff member, you are required to complete the NIH Online Orientation within 3 weeks of your arrival. A copy of your certificate of completion should be printed and submitted to your lab manager or secretary.

Safety Training

Orientation Training

All new employees, regardless of job duties, are required to attend the New Employee Safety Orientation, as follows:

Employee’s general duties ATRF Campus FNL Campus FNL Campus FNL Campus
Office Work ONLY. No work in laboratories X
All other employees X X X X

Orientation is held every other Monday from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm in the building 426 Conference room. You will receive a safety checklist checklist to be completed by the supervisor and employee and returned to EHS within 2 weeks of your start date.

Job Specific Safety Training

Please check the training matrix to see which trainings are required for your position. If you are uncertain, please check with your supervisor or the Safety Office at 301-846-1451.

Radiation Safety Training

Individuals that will be manipulating Radioactive Materials must first become authorized to do so. If you are unaware if you should have this training, please see your supervisor for guidance. To become authorized, one must take the following steps, making certain to complete both Part A and Part B:

Part A:

NCI at Frederick Campus ATRF Campus
1. Complete the NCI Campus at Frederick Radiation Safety Training for New Users 1. Complete the ATRF Radiation Safety Training for New Users
2. Fill out a NCI Campus at Frederick Radioisotope Training and Experience Form/a> 2. Fill out a ATRF Radioisotope Training and Experience Form

Part B:

  1. Read and sign the Protocol Specific Training Document (Working Safely with Radioactive Materials) for the Radiation Program.
  2. Have the Radiation Program Principal Investigator sign your Training and Experience form and forward it along with a copy of the signature sheet, from the Protocol Specific Training Document, to the Radiation Safety Office.
  3. When requested by Radiation Safety, give a baseline urine bioassay sample and complete a thyroid scan (if requesting to use iodine).
  4. Review the approval and confirmatory memo listing any further requirements or restrictions with the program PI. If applicable, you will also receive a dosimeter.


All NIH employees are required to complete New Employee Ethics Orientation. At the end of the training, view and print the certificate and provide a copy to your lab manager or secretary. Contractors and non-FTEs (CRTAs, Special Volunteers/Guest Researchers, Visiting Fellows) are exempt from this requirement, but are welcome to take the training if they so desire.

If you are a new NIH scientific staff member, you are required to complete NIH Research Ethics Training within 60 days of your arrival.

Summer Students are required to take the NCI-Frederick Scientific Ethics Training.

For additional information on Ethics policies, please refer to the NIH Ethics Website.

Animal Care and Use Training

The NCI-Frederick Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC) are required by Federal Law to provide training to all individuals working with animals. Prior to working with live animals, individuals must be listed on an investigator’s approved Animal Study Proposal and must complete the New Employee Animal Care and Use Introductory Training Course.

Technology Transfer

The NIH On-line Technology Transfer Training is mandatory for the following groups:

All Principal Investigators (Senior Investigators, Investigators, Adjunct Investigators, and Senior Scientists/Clinicians) are required to complete all six subjects, i.e. MTAs, CRADAs, Patents and Inventions, Licensing, Royalties, and Ethics.

All Fellows, Graduate Students, and Staff Scientists/Staff Clinicians are required to complete MTAs, Patents and Inventions, and a portion of the Ethics module. Although all six subjects are not required, this group is encouraged to complete all subjects.

Leidos Biomedical Research, Training and Development

This site will give you access to a multitude of training resources available for Leidos, government and other contractor employees at NCI-Frederick. It provides detailed information about the learning opportunities offered throughout the year. Courses are offered at no cost to participants unless otherwise noted.