Color Codes for Plates

Antibiotics plates with lower concentration than standard - mark only one color line.
Antibiotics plates with higher concentration than standard - mark two color lines as standard.

Plates Color Codes
3AT yellow/blue
2 X YT 2 brown
AA Complete blue/red/black/purple/green
Amar Spore purple/black/purple/black/purple
Comp Spore 3 purple
EMBO no mark needed
EMM green/black/green
DOG 3 yellow
L 1 black
L + Citrate 1 black/1 turquoise
L BON 1 black/1 brown
LCA + Thiamine blue/black
LM green/black
M56 green/black
M63 red/black
M63 + citrate red/black/turquoise
M9 yellow/black
M9 440 green/yellow/black, -aa on bottom
MacConkey 1 black
MEA 2 red
NZCYM 3 red/black
NZY 3 red
NZYDT 3 red/brown
PE-LB 2 black
PMA red/black/red
PMA+ red/black/red/blue
Pre-sporulation green/purple/yellow
SD blue/red/blue
SOB or SOBAG 1 green
SWARM Plates 3 green
SWIM Plates 3 blue
PE-LB 2 black
TB purple/black
VBGB blue/red
PE-LB 2 black
YAPD purple/yellow/purple
YC purple/yellow/purple
YE green/brown
YEA purple/brown
YEP purple/blue
YEPD purple/yellow
YM purple/green
YPG red/yellow
YT 1 brown
Plates Color Codes
2 X YT 2 brown
6 AU 3 orange
Ampicillin 2 purple
Arabinose blue/brown
Benomyl blue/orange
Biotin yellow/red
Blasticidin orange/blue
Bluogel blue/yellow
CAA 1 red
Carbenicillin 2 orange
Chloramphenicol 2 yellow
Doxycycline brown/green
DOG 3 yellow
EFV blue/orange/blue
Fusaric Acid yellow/green
G418 green/blue
Galactose green/purple
Gentamycin orange/black
Glucose red/purple
Glycerol orange/purple
Hygromycin brown/orange/brown
IPTG brown/blue
Kanamycin 2 green
Lactose brown/purple
MgSO4 3 brown
Maltose blue/purple
Menadione orange/green
Naladixic Acid orange/green
NAT black/brown
Nicotinic Acid brown/orange
NVP green/orange
Raffinose brown/yellow
Rifampicin green/yellow
Sorbitol yellow/green
Spectinomycin green/red
Streptomycin 2 brown
Sucrose yellow/purple
Tetracycline 2 blue
TMP 1 orange
TTC blue/red
X-gal brown/red
Zeocin orange/red
Sorb-Top-Ura Stamp –Ura and mark Sorb and Glu
Thymine red/blue