Media Lab Online Ordering System

Contact Information

Location: Building 539/138
Phone: 301-846-1523

Media Lab Staff

  • Sukanya Sathyanarayana
  • Smruti Patel
  • Lauren Mora-Smith

Standard concentrations of antibiotics we use are listed below. If you wish a different concentration other than the one normally used you need to specify it in your order.

Standard Antibiotic Concentrations for Commonly Used Antibiotics
Ampicillin 100mg/Liter Canavanine 100mg/Liter
Carbenicillin 100mg/Liter Chloramphenicol 20mg/Liter
**Cyclohexamide 5mg/Liter **Doxycycline 20mg/Liter
**Fluoroacetic Acid 825mg/Liter **G418 200mg/Liter
Kanamycin 50mg/Liter Spectinomycin 30mg/Liter
Streptomycin 100mg/Liter Tetracycline 12.5mg/Liter

**These items need to be provided by the ordering lab.

Please use our Online Ordering System for all orders. If you need to send an email to Media Lab for something other than a media order, please ensure you include the following:

  • your full name
  • lab leader
  • building number and
  • phone extension number

All orders must be placed via the Online Ordering System (not by phone or email).
Do not send media orders via regular email unless your server is not working. If you have to email your order, please submit it via the Online Ordering System when the server is back up.

Prompt, proper storage of antibiotic plates will help ensure their maximum efficacy.

  • A minimum order of 0.5L is required.
  • Only 5 media can be requested in a single order.
  • If you would like to order an item not found in our Standard Media list, please select "Special", then place an order by specifying a media name in the "Description" field.

Please return the cleaned bottles and caps after use. Please allow a minimum of three working days to process your order. For any questions please contact the Media Lab at Ext. 1523.

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