Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About The Media Lab But Were Afraid to Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can use the Media Lab?
    NCI CCR Labs.
  2. How do I sign up to use Media Lab?
    Contact the Media Lab at Ext. 1523 or e-mail us at: ncifredmedialab@mail.nih.gov.
  3. How long does it take to get my order?
    We are able to process most orders within three (3) working days. If you do not receive your order within 3 days please give us a call so we can check on it for you.
  4. How do I get my media when it is ready?
    Media Lab will notify you, via email, when your media is ready to pick up if you are outside of Building 539. If you are in Building 535, 560, 469, 538 or 325, your media can be delivered by the Glassware Delivery people. For the respective pick-up and drop-off areas in your buildings, contact the Glassware Department in your building. They will then instruct you on where to pick up your media.

    Buildings outside of Frederick National Lab campus, such as the ATRF and NIH Bethesda campus, will need delivery via the Frederick National Lab Courier Service. You will need to purchase 2 or 3 plastic trays for your media to be delivered in. (Check at the bottom of the page for details).*

    Of course, you may still pick up your media in person from the Media Lab if you prefer. Please let us know if you are coming in person to get your media.

    All other buildings will need to come to the Media Lab, Building 539, Room 137, to get your media. You are also responsible for having your Glassware Department clean and sterilize Media bottles for return to Media Lab.

    If your lab is within Building 539 the Media Lab personnel will deliver your media. There should be one designated cart or one designated counter space where we can place your media when it is delivered.

    *The trays we recommend for media delivery on the Frederick National Lab campus, via the Glassware Delivery people, are manufactured by Nalgene. The Nalgene Catalog Item Number is: 6900-0020.www.NALGENElabware.com

  5. What formulations are being used for media?
    Our formulations are available on request.
  6. Do you make custom formulations?
    Yes, we can make custom media if you provide the recipe. If your formulation contains ingredients not normally stocked in the Media Lab we will ask your lab to provide those ingredients. Before requesting custom media, you should provide the Media Lab with a protocol and any specific instructions.
  7. What services do you offer?
    We make liquid and solid media for most microbial model organisms and a broad range of reagents.
  8. How does the billing system work?
    Your lab will be billed based on the volume of media you use. As the number of users participating in Media Lab increase, the shared costs should decrease. Billing statements are sent quarterly.
  9. What should I do with my empty Media bottles?
    Send Media bottles to your Glassware Department. They will return them to the Media Lab.
  10. What size petri plates are available?
    The most common sizes requested are: 100mm and 150mm plates. We also have 60mm plates available.

    Below is an approximate price per liter of Media /Reagents. They can go lower/higher depending on the total amount of media we make per quarter. The more users we have the lower the prices will be for everyone.
    Tiers Price Per Liter
    Tier0.5 11
    Tier1 22
    Tier2 33
    Tier3 44
    Tier4 55
    Tier5 66

For delivery to NIH Bethesda or ATRF facilities, please contact Media Lab for information re: what containers to use for sending media via the Frederick Courier services.