Scientific Posters

Photo of scientists.

We can help you at any level you wish. In addition to printing high-quality posters, we provide professional design, editing, and proofreading services. We can build an attractive, effective poster from your Microsoft Word document and PowerPoint figures [or “text and figure files”?] or we can proofread and polish up your poster that is almost-ready-to-print. We can also print your poster, as-is, with no adjustments at all; just let us know what you prefer.

Poster Materials Available

  • Bond:

    Our least expensive poster paper, but still a very sturdy, high-quality material. It’s good for general use, but not the best choice for heavy ink coverage or small reversed-out text (white on a dark background).

  • Satin:

    This paper has satin sheen, gives excellent reproduction of fine details, and can handle heavy ink coverage and tiny reversed-out text.

  • Vinyl:

    Designed to make traveling easier, this poster material can be folded small enough to carry in your suitcase, so that you don’t have to carry a box or tube.

Poster Prices

Below are sample prices; please call us if you need more specific pricing. Note: When poster instructions specify a 6' x 4' poster, we typically print the poster a few inches smaller (about 68" x 44") so that the poster won’t overlap the frame of the display board. The prices below reflect the smaller poster size.

Poster Size Bond Satin Vinyl
6' x 4' $155.80 $228.60 $249.33
4' x 4' $100.90 $147.90 $161.33

The prices above are for poster material and printing only. Poster lamination is an extra $5.50 per square foot charge. If you require other SPGM services, such as layout, editing, and proofing, they will be charged additionally on an hourly basis. Estimates are available upon request.