Using Globus GridFTP to Transfer and Share Big Data

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Sucheta Godbole (left), bioinformatics analyst III, CCR Sequencing Facility Bioinformatics Group, consults with Mark Wance (seated), network architect, Information Systems Program (ISP), and Jeff Rife, systems administrator, ISP, on using the Globus GridFTP service.

By Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer, and Mark Wance, Guest Writer; photo by Richard Frederickson, Staff Photographer

Transferring big data, such as the genomics data delivered to customers from the Center for Cancer Research Sequencing Facility (CCR SF), has been difficult in the past because the transfer systems have not kept pace with the size of the data. However, the situation is changing as a result of the Globus GridFTP project.


Scientists Discover New Possibilities at Scientific Investigators Retreat

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Jim Cherry, Ph.D. (center), tries out the Oculus Rift device, which is being used by ABCC to develop virtual research capabilities. Assisting him (from left) are Raul Cachau, Ph.D., and Yanling Liu, Ph.D., ABCC. 

By Nancy Parrish, Staff Writer; photos by Richard Frederickson, Staff Photographer

Scientists who attended the 2015 NCI Intramural Scientific Investigators Retreat on Jan. 13 had a chance to discuss research results with other investigators from across the National Cancer Institute. And this year, they could also explore new possibilities for the future of their research.


Winter Weather Tips: Understanding Alerts and Staying Safe this Season

Ice formation

Claudette Gallant, Public Domain Pictures

By Jenna Seiss and Kylie Tomlin, Guest Writers, and Ashley DeVine, Staff Writer

Maryland residents face the possibility of dangerous winter weather each year—from icy conditions to frigid temperatures. You may be familiar with the different types of winter weather alerts issued by the National Weather Service (NWS), but do you know what each alert means?  


R&W Club Frederick Sews for Kids

Two women with pillowcases

Marsha Nelson-Duncan (left), Education Outreach specialist, Office of Scientific Operations (OSO), holds a sewn pillowcase, and Melissa Porter, administrative manager, OSO, displays a variety of fabrics that will be used during the R&W Club Frederick sewing party on Feb. 18.

By Carolynne Keenan, Contributing Writer

Sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to attend a sewing party hosted by the R&W Club Frederick on Feb. 18. Stop by the Building 549 Café Room between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. to sew for a cause: help the club make pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer, a nonprofit organization that supports children in hospitals across the country.


Holiday Door Decorating Contest Brings Cheer

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Building 310, Virus Isolation and Serology Laboratory, was the Overall winner, with 100 percent participation and a “Holiday Celebrations around the World” theme. 

By Carolynne Keenan, Contributing Writer

Other than the time of year, what do the following have in common: the leg lamp from the movie “A Christmas Story,” a compilation of silly holiday jokes, a gingerbread house, and Santa on a motorcycle?

All four were among the individual door winners for the Holiday Door Decorating Contest, held at NCI at Frederick in December. Employees dressed up their office doors, hallways, and even stairwells to participate. Entries for the contest included individual office doors as well as groups. Some employees even “decked the halls” of whole office buildings to participate.


Experimental Lung Cancer Drug Shows Early Promise

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By Frank Blanchard, Staff Writer

A first-of-its-kind drug is showing early promise in attacking certain lung cancers that are hard to treat because they build up resistance to conventional chemotherapy.

The drug, CO-1686, performed well in a preclinical study involving xenograft and transgenic mice, as reported in the journal Cancer Discovery. It is now being evaluated for safety and efficacy in Phase I and II clinical trials.