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Genetics and Genomics

The Genetics and Genomics Group  consists of two laboratories, the Laboratory of Molecular Technology (LMT) in Frederick and the Sequencing Facility (SF).

Genetics and Genomics scientists are available for project consultation.  Consultation may include study design, cost/benefit analysis, funding mechanisms, assay design, troubleshooting, and analysis strategies.  Please click here for guidelines for determining the most appropriate sequencing approaches and platforms for your application.

The Laboratory of Molecular Technology provides expertise and services in:

  • Sequencing using traditional Sanger, Roche (454), Ion Torrent, and exome capture.
  • Automation of laboratory processes including cherry picking, template normalization, and molecular library preparations.
  • Molecular diagnostics for specific genetic abnormalities from a large and developing panel of mutation detection assays under CLIA certification.
  • Array analysis of gene expression and copy number with the Affymetrix and Agilent platforms.
  • Expression of analysis of specific gene sets and miRNA’s utilizing Nanostring technology.
  • Genotyping and quantitative PCR for SNP’s, gene expression, transgenic genes and copy number.

The Sequencing Facility provides investigators access to next-generation sequencing platforms:

  • Illumina’s HiSeq2000 at 101bp and GAIIx at 36bp and 108bp read lengths
  • Pacific Biosciences’ single-molecule RS at average read lengths approaching 2,000bp
  • Sequencing applications including
    • Whole-genome
    • Amplicon resequencing
    • Targeted exome capture
    • mRNA and small RNA profiling
    • DNA-protein interaction sites (ChIP-Seq)
    • Modified nucleotide detection
    • Customized, novel project designs
  • Personal meetings with experienced team members for project planning and support
  • Quality control of samples before, during, and after sequencing
  • Bioinformatics support continues after sequencing
    • Primary data QC and mapping
    • Transfer of results to the facility of your choice
    • Reporting of results and data troubleshooting

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