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About the IBC

As defined by the NIH Guidelines, the NCI-Frederick Institutional Biosafety Committee (NCI-F IBC) was established to provide local review and oversight of nearly all forms of research utilizing recombinant DNA. The NCI-F IBC has also been charged to review research being conducted with pathogens, oncogenes, human materials, biological toxins, transgenic and/or knock-out/in animals and other potentially infectious material that is being performed at or sponsored by the NCI-F.

Current IBC Members

Sharon Altmann Community Member, Staff Scientist, MRI Global
Katalin Baranji Assay Validation Scientist, QC Department (Leidos)
Michael Baseler Director, Applied/Development Research Support (Leidos)
Theresa Bell NCI Biological Safety Officer, Environment, Health and Safety (Leidos)
David Betzner Community Member, Reverend
Stephen Creekmore Chief, Biological Resources Branch, DTP (NCI@F)
Bruce Crise Director, Business Development, Advanced Technology Program (Leidos)
Eric Freed Senior Investigator, Retroviral Replication Laboratory (NCI@F)
Melinda Hollingshead Chief, Veterinary Medical Officer, Biological Testing Branch, DTP (NCI@F)
Sarah Hooper Manager, Occupational Health Services (Leidos)
Stephen Hughes Chief, Retroviral Replication Laboratory, HIV Drug Resistance Program (NCI@F)
Serguei Kozlov Senior Principal Scientist, Basic Research Program (NCI@F)
Dan McVicar (IBC Chairman) Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Experimental Immunology (NCI@F)
Raja Sriperumbudur Manager R&Q, Animal Program Veterinarian (Leidos)
Lucien Winegar Community Member, Attorney
Enrique Zudaire Tumor Angiogenesis Section, Mouse Cancer Genetics Program (NCI@F)
Walter Hubert Assistant Project Officer/COTR, Office of Scientific Operations (NCI@F)
Karen Barber IBC Coordinator