About the IBC

As defined by the NIH Guidelines, the NCI at Frederick Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) was established to provide local review and oversight of nearly all forms of research utilizing recombinant DNA. The NCI at Frederick IBC has also been charged to review research being conducted with pathogens, oncogenes, human materials, biological toxins, transgenic and/or knock-out/in animals and other potentially infectious material that is being performed at or sponsored by the NCI at Frederick.

Current IBC Members

Sharon Altmann Community Member, Staff Scientist, MRI Global
Michael Baseler Director, Applied/Development Research Support (Leidos)
Theresa Bell NCI Biological Safety Officer, Environment, Health and Safety (Leidos)
David Betzner Community Member, Reverend
Stephen Creekmore Chief, Biological Resources Branch, DTP (NCI@F)
Bruce Crise Director, Business Development, Advanced Technology Program (Leidos)
Eric Freed Senior Investigator, Retroviral Replication Laboratory (NCI@F)
Melinda Hollingshead Chief, Veterinary Medical Officer, Biological Testing Branch, DTP (NCI@F)
Sarah Hooper Manager, Occupational Health Services (Leidos)
Stephen Hughes Chief, Retroviral Replication Laboratory, HIV Drug Resistance Program (NCI@F)
Serguei Kozlov Senior Principal Scientist, Basic Research Program (NCI@F)
Dan McVicar (IBC Chairman) Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Experimental Immunology (NCI@F)
Raja Sriperumbudur Manager R&Q, Animal Program Veterinarian (Leidos)
Lucien Winegar Community Member, Attorney
Walter Hubert Assistant Project Officer/COTR, Office of Scientific Operations (NCI@F)
Karen Barber IBC Coordinator
Matthew Nawn General Engineer, Office of Scientific Operations