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The Microbiome: Host Response to Disease
May 5, 2014
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The NICBR Spring Research Festival Post Doctoral and Post Baccalaureate Symposium focusing on The Microbiome: Host Response to Disease on Monday, May 7, 2013 was a great success in Building 549's auditorium.

The best speakers were announced at the end of the symposium and the following scientists were recognized:

Post baccalaureates: Katie Stagliano, NCI and Shakir Saud, NCI

Post Doctoral: Mandy Kendrick, USDA; Mairi McLean, NCI; Janani Varadarajan, NCI; and John Trefry, USAMRIID.

General Information

For conference related questions, please contact Julie Hartman

For scientific information or questions, please contact
Joel Bozue
Kirk Gustafson


Building 549 Auditorium;
Frederick, MD

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