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Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs): Emerging Technologies for Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment
September 10-11, 2009
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Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs): Emerging Technologies for Detection, Diagnosis and Treatment

September 10-11, 2009
Masur Auditorium (NIH-Bethesda)

The CTC meeting has reached capacity and registration is now closed.

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are cancer cells shed from either the primary tumor or its metastases that circulate in the peripheral blood. While metastases are directly responsible for the majority of cancer deaths, CTCs may constitute seeds for metastases and may indicate the spread of the disease.

Analyses of CTCs may allow earlier detection of metastasis-capable malignancy at an early stage when it is perhaps less invasive. Molecular characterization of CTCs may enable treatment to be tailored more effectively, and the ability to remove CTCs from circulation could potentially limit metastases after surgery or therapy. Many studies have shown that the presence of CTCs in peripheral blood and/or bone marrow is of prognostic significance for many different solid tumors, and that measuring the burden of CTCs can be used to monitor treatment response or relapse.

Molecular characterization of CTCs is essential for the development of new methodologies for CTC detection, enumeration, isolation, and subsequent genetic or proteomic analysis. New technologies that allow the efficient removal of CTCs from circulation could have therapeutic potential.

To advance research that includes the development of new technologies, and to accelerate the application of these new technologies in the clinic, the National Cancer Institute is organizing a two-day conference on CTCs.

The goals of this conference are to bring together clinicians and researchers from academia and industry to discuss CTCs from several perspectives including molecular characterization, clinical aspects of CTC analyses, and technologies for CTC-based cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Special emphasis will be on translational strategies for "bench to bedside" assay development, and product commercialization.

This conference offers an excellent venue to discuss research, development, and commercialization approaches, the state of the science, promising scientific and technological developments, and new funding opportunities.

In addition, we hope that the conference will facilitate new scientific collaborations and interactions, build new research programs in the field, and promote the translation of basic research to clinical applications and product development.

Organizing committee
Lynn Sorbara, Ph.D. Cancer Biomarkers Research Group
Jo Ann S. Rinaudo, PhD. Cancer Biomarkers Research Group
Xing-Jian Lou, Ph.D. SBIR Development Center
Tracy G. Lively, Ph.D. Cancer Diagnosis Program
Avi Rasooly Ph.D, Cancer Diagnosis Program

General Information

For conference related questions please contact Julia Lam

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Masur Auditorium
NIH - Building 10
Bethesda, Maryland


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