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Research Support Services

Transgenic/Knockout Services
Consultations and Services Designed to Produce Customized Animal Models

Speed Congenic Services
Consultations and services to derive congenic strains of mice by marker-assisted backcrossing.

Consultations and services designed to preserve unique strains of mice

Histotechnology/Veterinary Pathology
PHL is the NCI core facility dedicated to providing comprehensive core pathology support to NCI investigators both in Frederick and Bethesda.

Small Animal Imaging Program
The NCI-Frederick Small Animal Imaging Program provides NCI investigators with state-of-the-art in vivo imaging services.

Mouse Models of Human Cancers Repository (NCI)
A service designed to make various animal strains available to the scientific community

CCR-AMI Rodent List
A database that provides NCI investigators with a list of useful animal models developed within, or are available from, the intramural scientific community.

Cell Culture and Tumorigenicity Laboratory

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