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Animal Holding and Technical Support Program - Expertise

High quality animal care is the most important priority when studies are carried out. All animals are checked daily to ensure proper housing and health requirements are met. A board-certified veterinarian is available to answer questions and assist with animal health issues through the Laboratory Animal Medicine. .

Expertise in the animal facility and consultation with the Principal Investigator allow all aspects of detailed protocols to be carried out. The facility managers, veterinarian, and technicians can assist with the animal study proposal before it is submitted to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Once the protocol is approved by the IACUC, the work is scheduled with the individual building manager. Protocols are carried out in buildings where expertise, space and equipment are appropriate. Regular communication and close interaction with the Principal Investigator ensure that the study progression and results (expected or unexpected) are dealt with in a timely manner.

Chemical Carcinogenesis
right arrow Chemical preparation: Calculation and production of solutions for animal treatments
right arrow Animal diets: Diets can be mixed to any formulation, including the addition of carcinogenic, toxic or hazardous ingredients.
right arrow Compound administration: IP, SC, IV, IG, IC, IM, intra-urethral, intra-renal, intra-tracheal, intra-rectal, topical skin-painting, water bottles, diet, and others as requested.

Animal Breeding
right arrow Breeding Studies
right arrow Environmental Enrichment
right arrow Transgenic Mouse Production
right arrow Maintaining Specific Lines
right arrow Tail Clipping
right arrow Breeding to Establish Congenic Strains
right arrow Speed Congenics
right arrow Bethesda Campus provides animal holding and research procedures for
  • Non-human primates
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Swine
  • Rabbits
  • Developmental Biology
    right arrow Bone and Cartilage Staining
    right arrow Embryonal/Fetal Tissues: harvest and preparation
    In Vivo Models/Drug Testing
    right arrow Hollow Fiber Model
    right arrow IV Cell Implant Model
    right arrow Orthotopic Implant Model
    right arrow Ascites Model
    right arrow Sub-renal Capsule Model
    right arrow Osmotic Pump Implant
    right arrow Subcutaneous Model
    Specialized Handling Procedures
    right arrow Body Weight
    right arrow Food Consumption
    right arrow Water Consumption
    right arrow Metabolism Cages
    right arrow Refrigerated Metabolism Cages
    right arrow Blood Collection
    right arrow Rat Blood Pressure
    right arrow Lab Cat® Tumor Tracking
    right arrow Estrous Cycle Monitoring
    right arrow Ionizing
    right arrow X-ray
    right arrow Ultraviolet

    right arrow Frozen Tissues
    right arrow Full Necropsies - Customized
    right arrow Fixed Tissues
    right arrow Neonatals
    right arrow Blood Collection
    Surgical Procedures
    right arrow Thymectomy
    right arrow Ovariectomy
    right arrow Spleenectomy
    right arrow Vasectomy
    right arrow Partial Hepatectomy
    right arrow Mammary fat pad clearing
    right arrow Tumor excision
    right arrow Castration
    right arrow Implants and Hormones

    At your request, we can perform/develop a vast variety of procedures.

    Therapy Studies (DTP)
    right arrow Studies of compounds with antiproliferative effect for the treatment of cancer, preparation of various tumor cells with matrigel, surgical implantation of cells with matrigel
    right arrow Study and generation of a detailed compound dose response (safety and efficacy), preparation of graded dose of the compound, and evaluation of different dosages
    right arrow Investigation of the effect of the compound on the growth of existing tumors in athymic nude mice
    right arrow SIV, HIV, HTLV, Antigen Capture Assays
    Vaccine Studies
    right arrow DNA Vaccines (Gene Gun)
    right arrow Monoclonal Antibodies
    right arrow Ascites Production

    Xenopus laevis House and provide outbred frogs for various Animal Study Proposals

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