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Importing Rodents from Non-Approved Sources

Only mice and rats from pathogen-free sources are allowed into NCI-managed animal facilities. NCI facilities in Bethesda are barrier facilities, which exclude helicobacter, as well as other known pathogens of laboratory mice and rats. The one exception is a conventional rodent facility in the ACRF Tower, where animal admission criteria based on known health status is more inclusive, but still subject to oversight and review by that facility's veterinarian. All animal facilities at NIH have particular health entry requirements, and this information is best obtained from the facility veterinarian. A variety of DVR-managed facilities may be appropriate for imported rodents with known disease problems.

To receive mice and rats from non-approved sources (sources other than APA, Taconic, Charles Rivers Laboratories, Jackson Laboratory, and Harlan), investigators must provide the following to the LASP-Bethesda Import Coordinator, Asha Adem (fax 301-402-1295):

The NCI animal study proposal must also be approved prior to the delivery of animals to animal facility.

The Facility Veterinarian and the Rodent Import Officer (RIO) review health reports and Import Requests. The RIO verifies exclusion of the following three pathogens from all imported rodents or rodent products: ectromelia, LCMV, and hantavirus.

The LASP Animal Program Director approves imports for animals whose immediate destination is the research lab, rather than the animal facility. The NCI animal study proposal must also be approved prior to the delivery of animals to any laboratory.

Animals must be shipped in clean, filtered containers, which will be disinfected prior to entry into the animal facility. When such animals are for immediate laboratory use only, on line 21 of the Rodent Import Permit, write the following: FOR LABORATORY USE ONLY - Animals and/or tissues from these animals are not to go into any animal room or to have contact with any animal returning to an animal room in an animal facility.

Animals destined for receipt into NCI-managed facilities coming from non-approved sources are received, quarantined, tested and if necessary, rederived at the LASP Receiving and Quarantine Facility in Frederick, which is managed by Troy Cregger. A Request Form or a Submission for Rederivation needs to be completed and submitted to Ms. Smith. Frederick Quarantine Facility is the destination address for most NCI rodent imports.  For imports to other NIH animal facilities besides those managed by NCI, contact the facility veterinarian for importation and quarantine procedures.



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