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Ordering to DVR Operated and Contract Facilities

NCI Investigators Ordering Animals to be housed in Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR) Facilities must use the NIH Centralized Animal Procurement System (CAPS). This is an ADB/Delpro system, which requires that you place your animal orders directly with your purchasing agent within the NCI Administrative Resource Centers. See your purchasing agent for a "Print" of the animal order screen from the CAPS system to help draft your animal order request. Present the completed request to your purchasing agent, who will enter the request into the CAPS system along with your Common Account Number (CAN). The purchasing agent will be able to help you follow the progress of the order through scheduling of delivery.

The following NIH facilities require the use of the CAPS system: Buildings 10A, 14BN, 14C, 14F, 14G, 28 and the Building 49 Animal Facility. In addition the BioCon contract facility also require the use of this system. Animals going to BioQual can be ordered without the use of this system. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Institute Approving Official Mr. Larry Cook (telephone 301-496-1535).


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