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Ordering to NCI Operated Facilities

Animal orders must be placed with the facility manager of the facility where the animals are to be housed. Animals may not be ordered without the facility manager having an approved Animal Study Proposal number on file in the facility office. The proposal must cover the species and strain/stock of animals being requested. Animals are ordered based on a completed NIH Centralized Animal Order Form or an Ordering Animals from NCI-Frederick Facilities Form, which must be submitted to the facility manager.

The Ordering Animals from NCI-Frederick Facilities Form is used for transferring animals from an NCI-Frederick Animal Facility to an NIH facility. To coordinate transfer from NCI-Frederick and to obtain this form, contact the animal facility manager.

Standing orders of a specific number of animals delivered each week can be made and are encouraged as the suppliers give them a high priority.

Only animals from the NCI-Frederick-Animal Production Area, (DCT-Biological Testing Branch) are approved for ordering rodents. The Jackson Laboratory, Taconic Farms, Charles River Laboratories, and Harlan are alternate sources, but must be authorized by the Animal Program Director.

The standard rodent delivered is a 4 week-old weanling. If older animals are needed, additional lead-time in ordering must be allowed to permit animal aging (e.g. 2 weeks additional lead time for a 6 week old animal). Pregnant females or mothers with litters also require additional lead-time in ordering (to age the animals to breeding age, mate them, and wait for gestation). Animals can be ordered by weight, if preferred.

Animals from approved sources are not quarantined upon delivery, however, a 3-5 day conditioning period is recommended prior to an animal being placed on study to allow the animal to recover from shipping stress.


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