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Receiving and Quarantine - General Information - Importing Animal Strains

Only animals coming from the Animal Production Area (APA) and other NCI-Frederick animal facilities can bypass the Receiving and Quarantine (R&Q) Facility. To request animals from the APA, please contact the animal facility manager where your animals are to be housed. The animal facility personnel will arrange the animal order for the investigator through APA. Animals from NCI-Frederick animal facilities are coordinated through the animal facility managers of the sending and receiving facilities. All other shipments are categorized into the following source groups:

  Approved Source

    • Jackson Laboratories
    • CRL Raleigh
    • CRL Kingston
    • CRL Portage
    • CRL Wilmington
  Modified Approved Source

    • NIH Building 37
    • NIH Building 41
    • NIH 10/B2B
    • Taconic except the following production areas:
       IBU 11, 36, 37, 46, 47; these are non-approved

  Non-Approved Source

    • All other sources

Depending on the source of your animals, you will be required to complete a request form and the animals will be held and tested for a specified timeframe (please see timelines for details). Please contact the Receiving and Quarantine Facility at 301-846-1133 if you have any questions regarding this information.

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