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Receiving and Quarantine - Pricing - Importing Animal Strains

The costs for quarantine are based on a cage cost/day. The total quarantine cost is dependent on the number of animals received and on their source. A cost estimate will be provided upon request to the departmental secretary or manager.

blue bullet/arrow Larger numbers of animals, or males that must be separated due to fighting, will result in higher cage costs.
blue bullet/arrow Animals received from known clean facilities require a shorter quarantine time than those coming from a known dirty facility. The typical quarantine time for mice or rats arriving from an Approved Source is 3-4 weeks; from a Modified-Approved Source, 4-5 weeks; and from a Non-Approved Source, 8-9 weeks if rederivation is not required. The typical quarantine time for immunodeficient strains from an Approved or Modified-Approved source is 5-6 weeks.
  • Approved Sources: The Jackson Laboratory, Taconic, Charles River Laboratories
  • Modified-Approved Sources: NCI-Bethesda animal facilities (Buildings 37, 41 and 10B)
  • Non-Approved Sources: All others

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