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Receiving and Quarantine - Timelines – Quarantine Rederivation Program

Donor Mice Required to Commence Rederivation:
blue bullet/arrow 4 Males that are 8-15 weeks of age
blue bullet/arrow 8 Females that are 3-4 weeks of age
blue bullet/arrow Please note that additional donors may be required if no litters are successfully rederived or if the donor animals provided are too old for breeding

The Time Required to Build a Colony and Distribute Mice Depends on:
blue bullet/arrow How rapidly the strain is transferred to NCI-Frederick
blue bullet/arrow The number of mice transferred by the donating investigator
blue bullet/arrow The age of the mice transferred
blue bullet/arrow Strain Fecundity
blue bullet/arrow Whether IVF (in vitro fertilization) is an option for colony expansion

The Following Chart Was Constructed Using these Assumptions:
blue bullet/arrow Target Colony Size = 15 breeder pairs
blue bullet/arrow Generation Time = 12 weeks
blue bullet/arrow Average Litter Size = 6
blue bullet/arrow Male and female produced equally
blue bullet/arrow Both males and females may be used and distributed as breeders
blue bullet/arrow Adequate space in Receiving and Quarantine (R&Q) for large-scale IVF

graph showing time to establish colony, Initial Distibution of 4-weekold mice, and Production level distribution of 4-week old mice.

Please contact the Receiving and Quarantine Facility at 301-846-1133 if you have any questions regarding this information.

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