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Cell Culture and Tumorigenicity Laboratory

Centralized facility providing technical support for the maintenance and culture of cells for orthotopic and xenograft mouse studies<
  • Importation of cell lines into NCI
  • Submission of cells for infectious microbe screening (MTBM)
  • Expansion and freezing of cell lines for long term storage
  • Secure storage and tracking of frozen cell line stocks.
  • Recovery, expansion and preparation of cells for transplantation into mice.
  • Delivery of prepared cells to animal facility staff.

    We will entertain custom cell culture projects. Please contact us to discuss your ideas. Examples may include the creation of primary cell cultures or Cloning by Limiting Dilution, etc.

    Since the scope of cell culture projects can vary depending on the number of cell lines and total number of cells desired, please contact us for cost estimates on individual projects.

Contact Information

Roackie Awasthi Research Associate III Phone: 301-846-1864 Email:

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