About the Frederick Diversity Committee

Our Vision Statement

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The Frederick Diversity Committee (FDC) is a group of fellows, post-bacs and graduate students from NCI at Frederick striving to promote diversity and inclusivity at the Frederick campus. We aspire to create avenues for all colleagues on the Fort Detrick campus and ATRF to develop multiple facets of their professional and personal lives through:

  • Mentorship from investigators and experts to enable and enrich career growth
  • Exploring career options using skills acquired through research
  • Networking and increased interactions among Frederick fellows, postbacs and grad students

FDC strives to empower fellows to get the most out of their training by organizing workshops, seminars, and events to facilitate networking, career development and work-life balance.

Want to Join the Frederick Diversity Committee?

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Frederick Diversity Committee, contact us at ncifdc@mail.nih.gov.

Download our FDC Partnership Recruitment Poster.

Meetings are held the third Friday of the month in the building 549 Executive Board Room from 1-2pm.

Next Meeting July 15, 1-2pm, bldg. 549 EBR virtually through Microsoft Teams