Newly Accepted Strains

The following strains have recently been accepted by the NCI Mouse Repository. Click on the common strain name to view details on that strain. You can sort on selected columns by clicking on the column title. If you are interested in a particular strain, please register and receive notification when a strain is available for ordering.

Strain NumberCommon Strain NameGene/Transgene SymbolOrgan SiteMutation TypeGenetic BackgroundProjected Dist. DateRegister Interest
01XC4 Brca1 null, Brca1 KO Brca1 Breast Targeted STOCK Register
01XLA Plzf (+/-) Zbtb1t Targeted B6;129S1 Register
01XP5 Pten delta C PTEN Targeted STOCK Register
01XBM Pax3:Fkhr conditional knock-in Pax3 Any tissue Targeted B6;129 Register