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Laser Capture Micro-dissection

PHL offers a complete Laser Capture Micro-dissection service (LCM). The service, available to all NIH investigators allows researchers to request LCM on a fee-for-service basis.

Staffed by professionals, the technical preparation of tissue samples is performed to the highest standards. Skilled histologists prepare microscope slides following highly specific LCM protocols that have been developed to maximize both the quality and quantity of nucleic acids in the sample. The laboratory has successfully isolated nucleic acids not only from newly acquired material, but also archived tissues and blocks. A team of veterinary pathologists is on hand to collaborate with researchers, and supervise the selection of target cell populations.

By allowing the dissection of specific cell populations within a tumor or tissue sample, laser capture micro-dissection facilitates the retrieval of material for RNA, DNA and protein analysis through amplification techniques. Cell capture is targeted and highly specific, cells are identified by light and fluorescence microscopy as appropriate. Dissected cells are captured onto a sterile plastic surface, which is then transferred to a sample collection tube. The laboratory will extract both DNA and RNA for a variety of downstream applications such as sequencing and Affimetrix. Care is taken to preserve the integrity of the samples at all times, ensuring high quality retrieval of molecular targets.

To discuss your LCM project needs please contact either Larry Sternberg or Dr. Yelena Golubeva.

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