Policy for Books or Journal Donations to the Library

The Scientific Library accepts books or journal donations from NCI at Frederick employees with the understanding that it reserves the right to dispose of these materials at its discretion. As a general rule, donations or gifts will be added to the Library collection using the same criteria as purchased materials.

When considering making a donation of either personal or NCI property-stamped materials to the Library, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Arrangements to send donated materials must be made ahead of time with Library staff. Please do not send materials without calling first contacting the Scientific Library.
  2. If an item has an "NCI-Scientific Library" property stamp on it, it is an accountable item and must be offered to the Library.
  3. To return, recycle or discard items with "Property of NCI-Frederick" stamped on them, i.e. those items purchased with Project funds instead of Library funds, please call Property at 301-846-1156 for guidelines.
  4. The Library assumes no responsibility for valuation of donations or gifts, nor can the Library accept donations or gifts under restricted conditions. Similarly, we cannot accept donations of personal items if the donor plans to subsequently claim them as a charitable contribution on their tax return.
  5. A letter acknowledging receipt of donated items will be provided to the donor, listing titles received. No valuation for tax or other purposes will be made by Library staff.

Exceptions to this policy may be authorized only by the Principal Manager of the Scientific Library.