Policy for Use of Scientific Library Technology Training Lab

Technology Training Lab Request Form

Technology Training Lab Schedule

  1. A walk-through orientation is required for all new instructors, to make sure that the Lab will meet requirements. Advance notice is required for a walk-through by prospective instructors. Appointments are to be scheduled by calling 301-846-1682, or by sending an email to NCIFredLibrary@mail.nih.gov.

    Library personnel must be notified two weeks ahead of each scheduled class as to what special software may be required for the class. Instructors must make these requirements clear while filling out the Additional Needs Section of the Technology Training Lab Request Form.

  2. Lab operational hours are 9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Instructors may enter the lab at 8:30 a.m., allowing 30 minutes preparation time.

    Responsibility for maintaining lab software and hardware lies with DMS. Library staff will open the lab and boot up all computers before the class, and all terminals will be shut down by library staff at the close of each class session. In case scheduled class hours change, the Library must be notified 24 hours ahead so as to assure staff are present to open the lab earlier than usual or close it later than usual.

  3. Those students requiring ergonomic or Section 508 accommodations in addition to those standard features already provided for should be encouraged to specify this need when registering for a class. Through consultation with Occupational Health Services, the Library has provided two adjustable keyboards located in the front row of the lab. Students having expressed the need for this are to be directed to these workstations.

  4. Programs who desire training in software either not already installed on the Technology Training Lab machines, or unique to the individual program, are responsible for providing it, and subsequent upgrades as necessary. The program sponsoring the training is also responsible for providing verification of compliance with license terms and maintaining currency thereof. Licensing is required for 11 users (10 student workstations and 1 trainer workstation.)

  5. All software installations should be scheduled well in advance of anticipated course dates. Software should be provided to the Scientific Library at least two weeks before the scheduled class. Any programs needing major software upgrades to the machines need to contact the Library at least one month before this change is needed. If individuals wish to participate in the software installation, they should schedule an appointment for the install; when they arrive, the library staff will authorize their access to the Lab. Upon completion of installation, installers must check in with the library staff to discuss the status of the installation.

    NOTE: Library staff is only responsible for the installation of instructor supplied software. It is the instructor’s responsibility to verify the full functionality of such software and to support users in its use. The Scientific Library strongly encourages the instructor to thoroughly test the software once it is installed to ensure that it will function as required. Adequate lead-time will be necessary for Library staff to try and resolve any problems or conflicts that arise with the software installation and minimize disruption during actual classes.

  6. Publicizing upcoming classes is the responsibility of the program sponsoring the training unless other arrangements are made with Library staff. The Library encourages those programs whose training occurs on a regular basis to develop brochures/fliers describing the classes; these can be placed on display in the Library in advance.

  7. Training sponsors are also responsible for addressing in advance the incidental needs of instructors, such as telecommunications, photocopying, training manuals, supplies, etc., and how these will be provided.

  8. Programs whose applications require upgrades to the lab hardware should contact Library Staff at least 8-10 weeks before such changes are necessary. This is to allow time for equipment procurement and schedule the installation. Contact Library staff.

    It is the responsibility of those sponsoring educational programs and agencies bringing in instructors from the outside to explain these policies to them, and reinforce compliance.