Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Anuk Dayaprema (on right), freshman at Duke University and 2017 Student Jeopardy Winner
(and 2016 returning champ)

Fall 2017


Last year, my partner, Evan Yamaguchi, and I half-jokingly agreed to compete in next year’s Student Jeopardy Tournament. While I can’t say that we expected to do a repeat, I had a feeling that luck would play a major role; indeed it did. The competition was fierce this year; we scraped by the preliminary round with a 100-point lead, and the finals were anyone’s game until the end. The skill of our fellow interns made for an exciting and memorable event.

I am grateful to my mentors Dr. Hyun Yu and Dr. Vineet KewalRamani for accepting me as an intern in their lab, as I otherwise would not have been able to compete in this year’s tournament. Likewise, I appreciate the help and support I received from all the members and interns of the KewalRamani group, and especially their cheers during the competition.

Of course, I must thank the Scientific Library and sponsors for yet again putting together another spectacular Jeopardy Tournament. Everything from the refreshments to the crowns added greatly to the experience.

Last but not least, this event would not be enjoyable without the judges and spectators, so I must thank everyone who attended the Tournament.

Anuk Dayaprema’s Guest Author article about his 2016 Jeopardy win, and the article written by his 2016 NCI-Frederick mentor, are available on the 2016 Guest Authors webpage.

Upon Anuk’s arrival at Duke University, he was notified that he won the Duke University Class of 2021 Summer Reading Essay Contest. His essay is available at The Chronicle's website. Contratulations, Anuk!