Who's Using the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Ms. Cindy Shank
July 2010


I am Cindy Shank and work for the EIT PMO Office of USAMRMC, and am a student intern at the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library.

I had heard about the Library for years from an SAIC-Frederick employee. I became a patron in 2004 working on the NBACC contract. Part of my job was to obtain articles requested by the scientists. If I could not locate an article online, I would obtain it from the Scientific Library.

Library staff were always pleasant and helpful. However, it wasn't until I was a library student that I discovered that I should not have re-shelved the books I used. Library staff want these placed on the tables so they can gauge usage of them. I thought I was helping out.

I recall one instance where the Library made me look good. I was called by an NBACC staff member who was in D.C., told to drop everything to come to the library to obtain an article required for a meeting in 2 hours. I checked the library's web site, found the article via the Open Access Resources link, and emailed it in 2 minutes. Without the Library's organized web site, I would not have been so responsive. Doing this work peaked my interest in librarianship, and I returned to school for an MLIS degree.

During my internship, I discovered the diversity of the library's programs. I had always thought of it as a scientific library with journals and books about science, and yes, it is. But for those of us who are not Ph.D.'s, the Library provides many programs that make science fun and interesting, including Science in the Cinema and the Diversity Cafe DVD series. There are many good films in these series.

If you haven't checked out the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library, I encourage you to do so. They have something for everyone!