Who's Using the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. Robin Dewar and Dr. Helene Highbarger
March/April 2012

Dewar Highbarger

We are library patrons who work for Mike Baseler in the Applied and Developmental Research Directorate (ADRD.) Helene is an Associate Scientist in the Virus Isolation and Serology Laboratory (VISL) where Robin is the Principal Scientist. The VISL is a support lab for the NIAID 8th floor outpatient clinic in Bldg 10 in Bethesda, providing virological and serological data to physicians monitoring patients on various infectious diseases study protocols in the 8th floor clinic.

We have been using the Scientific Library since we arrived at the NCI-Frederick from Georgetown University 18 years ago this March. Over those years, we have enjoyed numerous Science in the Cinema films, book swaps, CHI Center activities, Take Your Child to Work Day sessions, DVD, book and Kindle loans, instructional classes, journal browsing and librarian chats at the library.

The best thing about the Library is the friendliness and enthusiasm of the librarians. It is obvious, from the elaborate bulletin boards that greet visitors in the lobby to the "pet-able" cat on the check-out counter and aquarium in the foyer that the librarians want their patrons to feel engaged and comfortable at the library. They are eager to help people find the media items they desire, and happy to chat over the latest Farmer's Market recipe (which they thoughtfully provide), show you where to find the Relaxation Room, or let you know what happened to the puzzles most recently assembled. Certainly the puzzles are a welcome break from the intense concentration of work. It is relaxing to stand for 15 minutes and attempt to piece together one of the jigsaws often available in the computer room. Just a short time "in the zone" leaves one feeling refreshed and recharged for the next task.

A cool new tool from the Library is the Mobile Site. Just go to the Library website and scan the barcode with your Smartphone and you have instant access to your library account and other useful content. Of course, nothing beats visiting the Library in person and having the opportunity to meet the staff and read a paper version of a book or journal! It is one of our favorite places on the campus.