Who's Using the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. Jim Hartley
July 2011

Jim Hartley

The New York Times reported last year (September 6, 2010) that the traditional advice to get into a fixed study routine is incorrect. For example, research has consistently shown that variety in study locations improves results. These data confirm my experience, for I find that the Scientific Library is a more productive work environment than my desk, especially for chores on my laptop that I find unpleasant and easy to put off until tomorrow. You can face a window if you want, the wireless connection is excellent, and it's generally quiet but not too quiet. Somehow it is easier there to turn off the email program and the web browser and concentrate on the necessary business at hand. Just the walk over clears my head. I also appreciate that I can scan articles and books that are not available electronically send them to my email address. (I use Adobe Acrobat Pro under the "Documents" menu to convert the scanned images to searchable text.)