Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. Kenyatta M. Cosby, Special Volunteer, Drug Design Section of the Chemical Biology Laboratory
Summer 2014

Ken Cosby

Hello, my name is Ken Cosby and I am one of the many researchers who consider the Scientific Library at NCI-Frederick to be a “Home away from home.” As a team member of one of NCI’s newest labs, the Chemical Biology Laboratory (CBL), which is headed by renowned scientist Dr. Joel Schneider and Drug Design section head Dr. Larry Keefer, I am also equally proud to be a part of a lesser known group, the frequent patrons of the Scientific Library. Many would agree that the professional environment that greets you when you pass the main entrance is something that I have come to look forward to when I make my weekly visits to review my favorite medical journals. Of course, this is a task that I could perform at my office desk, but for the past 5 years I have come to truly appreciate the scientific expertise and insight that the Library staff possesses and offers to all visitors.

Over the years, to my surprise, the Library staff has willingly assisted me with creating chemical structures with the program ChemDraw, and has also critiqued several of my scientific presentations and posters regarding Nitric Oxide and cancer research. In addition, they were quite instrumental in helping me reorganize and provide daily maintenance of our group’s website, a site which is located at the bottom of the Library’s home page: CBL-NO Research - https://ccr2.cancer.gov/resources/Cbl/Diazeniumdiolate/. The staff’s willingness to engage others also allows them to reorganize one’s thoughts and quickly find unique scientific content when writing manuscripts and proposals.

I find the Library staff to be a unique group of professionals with endless talents and resources that has made my work at NCI-Frederick quite rewarding. Collectively, their skill set actually makes each of them a quasi-member of each lab group at NCI-Frederick, and I hope that, as science and technology continue to expand, they remain an integral part of making great science for us in the lab. My experiences to date have made this Library a benchmark in terms of standards and professionalism that I have come to expect from other libraries that I frequently use throughout the region. I am easily comforted by the fact that I have the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library staff to rely upon to continue to produce great science for the foreseeable future.