Who's Using the NCI-Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. King Chan
March 2011

King Chan

My name is King Chan. I came to the NCI facility in Frederick in 1992. Currently, I am a staff member working for SAIC-Frederick in the Laboratory of Proteomics and Analytical Technologies. I have been using the Scientific Library since the first day I started my job here, 19 years ago!

I remember that most, if not all, journals were not available on-line in the early years, so I had to go to the library to look for articles and make copies afterwards, and check out books. When Pubmed was not yet available, I also went to the library and requested the service on database searching. Typically, I visited the library 3 times a week.

In recent years, I don't go to the library to look for journals that often as most of the journals I use regularly are available on-line. I do drop by the library once in awhile to read the new books on display or if I immediately need to look at the journals that are only in print. I also stop by the library for special events like the Darwin celebration, Chemistry Month etc.

I basically like everything about the library as it is a great resource for my research. Besides, the library offers many programs that benefit the general public like the diversity movies, health information, special activities. In addition, in my opinion, the staff in the library is extremely helpful. E.g, whenever I come across problems on searching using Pubmed and Web of Science, the staff always can help me immediately. The off-site access to the library is excellent, as I use Pubmed and Web of Science often at home.

I remember one time I had a problem of setting up an autosearch function in Web of Science. The staff sent me a procedure sheet immediately and offered to come over to set up the function on computer. Also, I had a recommendation for the library and it was implemented very quickly.

Based on my own experience, I feel that the unique thing in the library is that the staff likes to communicate with the researchers in order to help them the best way possible. Whenever I have a question, the staff always gives me an answer in a short time. On the human side, I feel the staff has lots of passion for their profession.