Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. Lorena Parlea, CRTA fellow, RNA Structure and Design section, Gene Regulation and Chromosome Biology Laboratory, and Mentor to Anuk Dayaprema
Fall 2016

Lorena Parlea

I reviewed more than 30 applications for the Werner H. Kirsten internship program, and Anuk’s application stood out for me. Besides the outstanding qualifications that his mentors gave him, the letters of recommendations were really impressive. I shared the same opinions shortly after he joined our lab. Anuk is a very bright student, with a maturity and passion for science beyond his age. He became independent within a few days of joining our lab, showcasing an inquisitive mind and real commitment to research. He approaches every day and every task with the utmost dedication and seriousness, seeking my guidance only in scientific matters. Soon after joining the lab, I trusted him with a brand new project, and he got great results within days. His scientific and general knowledge shined at the NCI Scientific Library Jeopardy competition, making me very proud to be his mentor. Very few high school students are eager to work that hard towards their goals, and go the extra mile to obtain the results.