Who's Using the Frederick National Lab Scientific Library?

Written by Ms. Madelyne Xiao, a junior at Urbana High School
September/October 2012

Jeopardy Tournament Winners

Science Jeopardy was nearly a no-go for my teammate, Nikhil Gowda, and me. Half a month into the team registration period, I was still insisting that we (that is, Nikhil, who needed persuading) sign up, to no avail. “We won’t get past the first round,” he said, by way of an excuse.

So, naturally, we signed up.

The morning of the event, we nervously watched three other teams compete in their preliminary round. After a bevy of questions concerning Scientific Fathers, the Scientific Library, and General Science terms, it was time for our match.

We got our feet wet with a few tentative ring-ins, then found our groove and stayed there. Imagine our euphoria when we pulled into our Final Jeopardy question by a safe margin—more than double the monetary earnings of our nearest competitor!

Later that day, we moved into Finals against a veteran team and a duo from Yale and Johns Hopkins University. For the greater part of Double Jeopardy, we maintained a narrow lead. In the end, however, our work paid off—in the form of a title, bragging rights, and gift certificates to Barnes and Noble!

Science Jeopardy was fantastic for both students and spectators. Post-competition, I found myself admiring the obvious care that had gone into putting such an event together. A quiz bowl fanatic and school Academic Team member, I especially appreciated the buzzer system and question format and variety.

Science Jeopardy is an experience I’d recommend to any summer student—your time at FNL wouldn’t be complete without it!