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Written by Dr. Martin Schnermann, Head of Organic Synthesis Section, Chemical Biology Laboratory Mentor to Evan Schauer, 2015 Student Jeopardy Winner
Fall 2015

Martin Schnermann

Evan Schauer attends college in University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley. During his summer research position he investigated the chemical reactivity of eudistidine A, an unusual polycyclic marine natural product that blocks the cancer-relevant protein-protein interaction between p300 and HIF-1a. Evan diligently explored the reactivity of eudistidine A and discovered a range of molecules that covalently modify the natural product. His efforts shed light on the unique reactivity of the system, which has led to the synthesis of several eudistidine analogs. Moreover, these efforts helped elucidate details pertinent to understanding the mechanism of action of the natural product. Outside of lab work, Evan enjoys reading. After departing the NCI and completing his senior year of college, he will attend Baylor Medical School to pursue a medical degree.