Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Dr. Nadya Tarasova, Head of the Synthetic Biologics and Drug Discovery Facility, Cancer and Inflammation Program, and Mentor to Evan Yamaguchi
Fall 2016

Nadya Tarasova

Evan’s win in the Scientific Library’s Student Science Jeopardy Tournament was not a surprise for us. Not only is he a very smart student, but Evan also reads a lot. The span of topics he reads on and the variety of books is very broad. This is probably the major reason for his being knowledgeable in so many areas.

Our group has always been lucky with the student interns we get. We have been fortunate to have many winners of national and international science competitions and fairs. Last year SIP student Tasha Freed not only was on the team that came in second in the Student Science Jeopardy Tournament, but she also won Frederick County Science Fair and successfully competed at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, taking fourth place in Biochemistry.

Evan continues this tradition of student’s excellence. He is very productive in the lab and has managed to learned a lot in just the two months he has been an intern. The list of new skills he has acquired ranges from cutting-edge peptide synthesis to novel biophysical techniques like Microscale Thermophoresis and NanoDifferential Scanning Fluorimetry. I am sure he has a wonderful career in science ahead of him.

I can’t help also noting that the Jeopardy Tournament is a wonderful summer tradition. It is educational and lots of fun for both participants and spectators. I have to compliment the judges and Scientific Library organizers for excellent questions and for making this event such a success.