Who's Using the NCI at Frederick Scientific Library?

Written by Sue Fox, Office of the Director, Center for Cancer Research
Summer 2016

Sue Fox

Last year I was searching for a way to provide a link to a comprehensive publications list for CCR principal investigators’ web profiles. For many of our investigators, adding a link to their PubMed summary was sufficient. However, for others this was simply not going to work, either because the investigator had a common last name or because the investigator wanted to link to a complete bibliography—one that included papers not indexed in PubMed as well as their book chapters/books, reports, and other publications not found in PubMed.

I called the Scientific Library staff to get their advice on how best to approach and resolve this problem. They recommended that an NCBI bibliography be set up for those principal investigators who needed or wanted a complete online bibliography. Even better, the librarians offered their services in setting up these NCBI bibliographies.

For each investigator who required this service, Scientific Library staff members set up and populated his or her NCBI bibliography, using the investigator’s latest C.V. as a reference. After each bibliography was finalized, the librarian sent the link to me so that I could add it to the investigator’s web profile. Altogether, approximately 30 NCBI bibliographies have been set up thus far. Although other web-based bibliographic tools are also available (e.g., Researcher ID, ORCID), one of the advantages in having an NCBI bibliography set up by the Scientific Library is that their staff help keep it current. They get weekly alerts and will “add” to each bibliography as needed.

CCR principal investigators (tenured or tenure-track) who are interested in this service should contact me at Sue Fox.

Scientific Library Note: Other NCI at Frederick employees can contact the Scientific Library directly for assistance creating publications lists on My NCBI, ORCID, or ResearcherID.