How to Request a Translation

NCI at Frederick employees with a need for translation services should contact the Scientific Library Translation contact at 301-846-1093 to discuss their request.

What We Need From You

In order to begin the process of translating a document, NCI at Frederick employees must complete the Scientific Library Request for Translation Service PDF form (Note: To view or print a PDF you need to download free Adobe Reader software) and provide a clean copy of the original document to be translated.

About the Translation Service

In-House Services

Translations are sent to the NIH Translation Department to be interpreted by in-house staff. There is no charge if processed in-house.

A paper copy of each in-house translation will be retained in the NIH Translation Unit. Personal documents will be discarded after five years, items with citations will be held indefinitely for fair use, unless prohibited by the requestor.

Outside Translation Vendor Services

If the translation cannot be processed in-house, the Scientific Library Translation contact will request the project Common Account Number (CAN) and Approving Officer (AO) signature from the requester. Once the CAN and AO approval are received, the request will be forwarded to the NIH Translations Department to obtain a quote. Translation costs vary depending on size and complexity of document. The NCI at Frederick employee requesting translation services will be contacted once the quote has been received to confirm their desire to proceed.