The following are tutorials for a few of the resources provided by the Scientific Library. If you need additional assistance, please contact the Library for more information.

EMBASE, Elsevier -- FAQs about EMBASE

EndNote, Clarivate -- Video trainings, online class schedule, and links to training guides and resources

Ensembl, recorded workshop complete with hands-on exercises

Journal Citation Reports, Clarivate-- short videos, links to print guides, and explanations of Journal Citation Reports metrics 

MATADOR, Short video tutorial describing how to use the Manually Annotated Targets and Drugs Online Resource

NCBI Education Page, Factsheets, tutorials and recorded webinars for all NCBI resources

NCBI Webinars, Hackathons, and Conferences, National Center for Integrative Biomedical Informatics (NCBI)--In-person courses, hackathons, live webinars, and webinar recordings

OneSearch, Short video tutorial about using the default search engine on the Scientific Library website that searches Library content and beyond

OpenHelix Tutorials, Open Helix LLC -- Genomic Resources Tutorials, some of which are free

PubMed, National Library of Medicine -- extended tutorial (self-paced, no audio) or short videos with audio on specific search functions

QUOSA - QUOSA Information Manager usage guidance

Reaxys, Training resources for Reaxys

Reference Manager, Thompson -- short tutorials with audio demonstrating how to enter and import citations, as well as cite items in a Microsoft Word document

ScienceDirect, Short tutorials demonstrating the ScienceDirect database of journal articles and book chapters

SciFinder, Informative tutorials about how to use this online resource of the Chemical Abstracts Service

Scopus- Elsevier -- FAQs and short tutorials

UCSC Genome Browser, Online tutorials provided for UCSC by Open Helix

Web of Science, Clarivate-- Training resources for Web of Science platform and databases on the platform

ZINC Database and DockBlaster, Short video tutorials about finding screening compounds in ZINC and using DockBlaster

More Help

If these tutorials do not provide the information you need, help is not far away:

  • Contact the Library-- Reach us via email or by calling x1093. If we can not answer your question via email or phone, we can come to your desk to help, or you are welcome to visit us at the Libray in Building 549.
  • Classes for individuals or groups -- The Library offers many classes, and we can tailor any of them to your needs --whether for one person or for a group.