Selective Bibliography of Dr. Hendrik Luesch
Debbie and Sylvia DeSantis Chair in Natural Products Drug Discovery and Development
Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Florida

“Natural Products from Marine Cyanobacteria as Starting Points for Drug Discovery and Development”
Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Investigational New Drugs 37 (2):364-374 Apr 2019

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Organic Letters 21 (6):1622-1626 Mar 15 2019

3.  Luo D, Putra MY, Ye T, Paul VJ, Luesch H
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5.  Brumley D, Spencer KA, Gunasekera SP, Sauvage T, Biggs J, Paul VJ, Luesch H
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Updated 05/23/19