Journal Figure Preparation


Great science deserves great presentation.

Getting a scientific paper published requires countless of hours of hard work. How that work is perceived is influenced by how well it is organized and presented. The professionals at SPGM can help give your science the presentation it deserves.

SPGM can help at any level, from helping develop figures from your scientific data to simply polishing up the figures you’ve developed.

The cost of preparing journal figures for submission can vary widely, from quick touch-up and conversion to final file formats, which may cost less than $10 per figure, to full creation of figures from data, which can run upwards of $50 per figure, depending upon complexity and revisions. Please give us a call to discuss your project and together we’ll work out the best fit for you. Estimates are available upon request.

For questions or to discuss your project, please call SPGM at x1055 or send an e-mail to